There are multiple ways to withdraw fiat or cryptocurrency from your account, each with their own fees, settle period and available currency. This chart compares each method.

Withdrawal MethodFeesTime to SettleCurrency
CoinZoom Instant1.5% ($1.50 minimum)Immediate*USD
Wire$25 (CoinZoom) + $25 (bank)1-2 business days** USD
e-Gift CardUSD: Free
Crypto: Trading fees*** 
ImmediateUSD, crypto
Venmo $0.30ImmediateUSD
Transfer to external walletVariable, see Withdrawal FeesImmediateUSD, crypto
ATMNone with USD**ImmediateUSD
Over the CounterNone with USD**ImmediateUSD
ZoomMeNoneImmediateUSD, crypto

* Most withdrawals are immediate, but can take more than 24 hours depending upon the bank. 

** Wire withdrawals almost always take place within 24-48 business hours, but on can take up to 10 days, depending upon the bank or other delays outside our control.

*** Regular trading fees apply when using cryptocurrency to purchase a gift card, withdraw from an ATM or receive cash back at a retail store because the cryptocurrency must be converted to USD.

Note: Even though you have funded your account, some or all of your funds may have a withdrawal hold placed on them, depending upon the method you used to deposit the funds into your account. See Funding Methods Comparison for more information.

How do I withdraw using a debit card?

Please see this article on withdrawing using CoinZoom Instant

How do I withdraw fiat using a wire?

Wire withdrawals are normally used for transferring large amounts of money and take much longer than other withdrawal methods. Follow these steps to withdraw using a wire transfer. 

  1. Access the Portfolio in your account (choose Wallet in the mobile app)
  2. Choose the red "Withdraw" button next to USD (in the mobile and Pro apps, tap into USD and then tap Withdraw)
  3. Choose Wire Withdraw
  4. Choose your bank or see How to Set up a Bank Account if the bank is not showing in the list. 
  5. Enter the amount to withdraw 
  6. Add any relevant notes (web and Pro apps only)
  7. Submit and enter your two-factor authentication code to complete the transaction.

Withdrawal by wire transfer in the web app.
Withdrawal by wire transfer in the Pro app.

Note: Wires are usually posted in 24-48 business hours, but can take 5 to 10 business days for a wire withdrawal to be posted to your bank account, depending upon the bank or other delays beyond our control.

How do I make a crypto withdrawal?

There are two methods for withdrawing cryptocurrency from your CoinZoom account, transferring to an external wallet or purchasing an e-gift card. See the instructions for each method below for more information. 

How do I withdraw using an e-gift card?

Gift cards can be used as a withdrawal method to transfer funds out of your account to another person. Gift cards are used with US Dollars and CoinZoom can automatically convert cryptocurrency when you purchase one. Follow the instructions in e-gift Cards for details. 

How do I send crypto to another wallet?

You can transfer cryptocurrency to an external wallet if you know the address of the wallet. There are fees for withdrawing cryptocurrency.  

  1. Log into your CoinZoom account
  2. Click "Portfolio"
  3. Look for the crypto that you are going to send
  4. Click on the "Send" button
  5. If the address isn't already listed under White List, click the "White List" button
    • Choose "Wallet Address" if sending to an external wallet, choose "ZoomMe if sending to ZoomMe address
    • Paste or enter Wallet or ZoomMe address into Address field
    • If crypto uses a memo ID make sure to enter it for external wallet addresses
  6. Paste the destination wallet address into the "Wallet Address" box
  7. Enter the amount of crypto you want to send in the "Amount" box
  8. Double-check that all information is correct
  9. When you confirm the information click on the "Submit" button

Remember that once you click the "Submit" button there is no option to undo or reverse the transaction.

How do I withdraw cash with the CoinZoom Visa Card?

You can withdraw cash using your CoinZoom Visa Card from any ATM in the world that accepts Visa®. You will need your PIN.

Set your CoinZoom Visa Card PIN

You can easily change your CoinZoom Visa Card PIN Code by navigating to Portfolio -> Spending Wallet -> clicking the "gear" icon and selecting "Set your card PIN"

Note: there is no PIN for the virtual card.

Fiat Withdrawal Processing

A regular wire withdrawal request is sent out from CoinZoom and credited to your account following processing by the receiving party. 

Please note that the times above may be subject to delays based on the processing times of the receiving institution.

CoinZoom cannot guarantee processing of your withdrawal by the receiving entity within a specified time frame as the receiving entity will have its own procedures and processing times.

My balance hasn’t cleared and I want to withdraw funds immediately, what do I do?

Though you can buy and sell crypto with your funds, you must wait until any withdrawal hold expires in order to withdraw funds from your CoinZoom account. This is a standard practice that secures your funds until the financial institution confirms the funds are free and clear. 

If you choose, you may make a deposit using CoinZoom Cash or other methods that do not have a withdrawal hold. See Funding Method Comparison.

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