How do I make a fiat currency withdrawal?

From Web:

  1. Log into your Account
  2. Click on "Portfolio"
  3. Click the red "Withdraw" button next to the fiat currency you wish to withdraw
  4. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw in the "Amount to Withdraw" box
  5. Add any relevant comment in the "Remark" box
  6. Review the "Terms and Conditions" by clicking on the link
  7. If you agree with and want to proceed click the check box next to "Terms and Conditions"
  8. Review the "Privacy Policy" by clicking on the link
  9. If you agree with and want to proceed click the check box next to "Privacy Policy"

  10. Review the "Risk" by clicking on the link
  11. If you agree with and want to proceed click the check box next to "Risk"

From Mobile Device:

  1. Click the menu icon in the upper left corner
  2. Click "Portfolio"
  3. Click on USD
  4. Click the blue "WITHDRAW" button
  5. Click "Wire Withdrawal"
  6. Choose Your Bank Account
  7. Enter the amount of Fiat you wan on the "Amount to Withdraw" line
  8. Review the Terms and Conditions
  9. If you agree with them click the button to the right 
  10. Review details for accuracy
  11. If everything is accurate, click the green "Submit" button
  12. Enter your Google Authentication code
  13. Click the green "Continue" button

Send a wire from your CoinZoom account

  1. Log into your account
  2. Click on Portfolio
  3. Click on Trading Wallet
  4. Click on the Withdraw button
  5. Click on Wire Withdraw
  6. Choose your bank from the drop down next to the Bank field
  7. Fill in the Amount to Withdraw
  8. Choose whether to pay from your account balannce or your Zoom Token balance
  9. Add any relevant notes
  10. Double-check the amount is correct
  11. Click the Submit button

How do I make a crypto withdrawal?

Remember that once you click the "Submit" button there is no option to undue or reverse the transaction.

  1. Log into your CoinZoom account
  2. Click "Portfolio"
  3. Look for the crypto that you are going to send
  4. Click on the "Send" button
  5. If the address ins't already listed under White List, click the "White List" button
    1. Choose "Wallet Address" if sending to external wallet, choose "ZoomMe if sending to ZoomMe address
    2. Paste or enter Wallet or ZoomMe address into Adress field
  6. Paste the destination wallet address into the "Wallet Address" box
  7. Enter the amount of crypto you want send in the "Amount" box
  8. Double-check that all information is correct
  9. When you confirm the information click on the "Submit" button

Remember that once you click the "Submit" button there is no option to undue or reverse the transaction.

How do I withdraw cash with the CoinZoom Visa Card?

You can withdraw can using your CoinZoom Visa Card from any ATM in the world that accepts Visa®.  You will need your PIN.

Set your CoinZoom Visa Card PIN

You can easily change your CoinZoom Visa Card PIN Code by navigating to Portfolio --> Spending Wallet --> clicking the "gear" icon and selecting "Set your card PIN"

Note: there is no PIN for the virtual card.

Fiat Withdrawal Processing

A Regular wire withdrawal request is sent out from CoinZoom within 5-10 business days and credited to your account following processing by the receiving party. 

Please note that the times above may be subject to delays based on the processing times of the receiving institution.

CoinZoom cannot guarantee processing of your withdrawal by the receiving entity within a specified time frame as the receiving entity will have its own procedures and processing times. 

Locking Withdrawal Addresses

Locking withdrawals to predefined addresses or disabling withdrawals for currencies is a good security improvement in itself, but it will only be a true security improvement if you lock all addresses for all currencies.

In this case, an account's credentials were to be compromised and if only some currencies have locked addresses while leaving others unlocked, an attacker would still be able to withdraw funds to an address under his control for one of the currencies not set to a locked address. The attacker could simply exchange the funds in the account to a currency not set to a locked address and withdraw.

If you wish to increase the level of security of your account by locking addresses, this will only help if all addresses are locked. We strongly suggest that you will review the locked withdrawal address settings on your account.

Sample Set Up

My balance hasn’t cleared and I want to withdraw funds immediately, what do I do?

You can sell your funds into your CoinZoom USD wallet. Unfortunately, you need to wait until funds are cleared to withdraw funds from your CoinZoom fiat wallet to your linked bank account.