CoinZoom is a U.S.-based, regulated cryptocurrency exchange. It’s registered as a money services business through FinCEN and is subject to U.S. financial regulations. CoinZoom was founded in 2018 by Todd Crosland and is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. Since its founding, the company has continued its growth as a cryptocurrency exchange and expanded its product offerings. CoinZoom now serves users in over 192 countries and provides access to different financial products dependent on the customer’s home country. 

CoinZoom currently offers many top digital currencies for users to buy, sell, and trade on its platform. Available cryptocurrencies include Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum and other top digital currency pairs. 

In addition to its crypto exchange, CoinZoom offers several products, making it somewhat unique among its competitors. These products include a Visa debit card that lets you use your crypto to make purchases with millions of merchants, and the option to send and receive crypto or fiat transfers from friends and family. 

Below are some unique feature/products that are offered by CoinZoom:

CoinZoom Visa Debit Card.

CoinZoom Cash.

CoinZoom Instant.

And many more...

CoinZoom has also launched its token, the Zoom Token. Users who hold the Zoom Token can get additional benefits such as fee discounts and access to VIP programs.

Our decades of experience in financial technology security are equally important in safeguarding customer funds and customers digital currency positions. Users are also encouraged to set up two-factor authentication in order to further secure their accounts and personal holdings, which helps reduce the risk of theft. 

For cryptocurrency enthusiasts seeking a platform that provides a broad range of financial products, CoinZoom is a great fit.