Fund Your Account

Once your account is verified, you can deposit money in your account and begin buying and selling cryptocurrency. There are many different ways to fund your account, depending on what is most convenient. Some methods are quicker than others and some require a holding period before you can withdraw, but any funding method allows you to begin trading as soon as the funds appear in your account. 

See this article to compare funding methods, fees, posting, and hold times. See this article for daily deposit limits.

Locate the Deposit Screen

  • Web app: Portfolio -> Deposit (look on the USD line)
  • Mobile app: Wallet -> Deposit button on the Wallet screen

Tap the Wallet to see the Deposit button.
There are many ways to fund your CoinZoom account.

Funding Options

Click on the links below to learn more about each funding method.  

Debit or Credit Card

You may fund your account with most Visa or Mastercard debit or credit cards. 

To fund from your card: 

  1. Go to the Deposit screen
  2. Choose Debit Card Deposit
  3. Enter the card information
  4. Double check that everything is correct and click "Submit".

Note: You can only have 2 cards registered with your CoinZoom Account at any one time. A card can only be used on a single account, even if you are the owner of more than one account. 

Warning: Any funds deposited from your card will be held in your account for 1-7 days (generally) and up to 90 days (rarely), depending on your financial institution's policies. You can use these funds to buy and sell crypto currencies until the hold expires.

How to Add a New Debit Card

Funding Method Comparison

ACH Bank Deposit

Note: ACH deposits are temporarily paused.

Transfers made through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network are a common way to transfer funds from banking institutions. They are similar to direct deposits in that your bank needs your CoinZoom routing and account numbers. But each ACH transfer takes a few days to post to your account and there is a hold period for withdrawing the funds

CoinZoom uses Plaid as an intermediary between your bank and CoinZoom. To set up ACH transfers, you must first configure your CoinZoom banking details with Plaid. This only needs to be done once per banking account. 

Add a Bank Account

  1. Access Settings -> Bank Details (or Banking) -> Add Bank (or Link Bank).
  2. Select Instant Verification to set up the Plaid connection (desktop and Pro apps only).
  1. Select your banking institution; if your bank is not listed, you must use another deposit method.
  2. Enter your login credentials for your banking account. You may have to do this a couple of times. 
  3. Choose the banking account you want to withdraw funds from.

Instant Verification uses Plaid to confirm your account details and make a connection to your accounts. Your bank account will be connected to your CoinZoom account until you delete the connection. You must use Plaid for ACH transfers. 

Make an ACH Transfer

  1. Select ACH Bank Deposit from the Deposit Method screen.
  2. Choose the bank account to use.
  3. Enter the dollar amount and add an optional reference note.
  4. Submit and confirm the transaction. 

Warning: There is a $100 cancellation fee to cancel an ACH transaction.

Wire Deposit

Note: The most current wiring instructions will always be found on the desktop site at: or within the mobile app on the Wire Transfer screen for deposits. 

Wire transfers are often used to make large deposits in a secure and reliable way from your financial institution to CoinZoom. Wire transfers for deposits typically take up to 5 business days to complete and are initiated at your financial institution.

See this article comparing the different funding methods to understand posting and holding times. 

Wire Instructions

Note: Do not add anything to the special instructions that are not included in the instructions here. 

To set up a wire transfer originating from a bank:

  1. Collect the information from the Wire Deposit screen on the web page:

    You must include all of the following items in your wire request as it currently shows on the desktop web page or mobile app:

    The recipient name: That's our bank.

    The recipient's address: That's our bank, too.

    Account number: This identifies the CoinZoom account number at our bank.

    Routing number (US banks): This identifies the bank that CoinZoom uses to process wires. The routing
    number is only used for US banks.

    SWIFT code (non-US banks): This identifies the bank that CoinZoom uses to process wires. The SWIFT code is used only for banks outside the US. Non-US wire deposits do not require IBAN numbers.

    Special Instructions/Reference number: This is the number that identifies your CoinZoom account. Include only the text highlighted in green. The money will be delayed or returned if it is omitted, wrong, or if anything added to it.

    Bank name: This is the name of CoinZoom's intermediary bank.

    Bank address: This is the physical address of CoinZoom's intermediary bank. Sometimes the originating bank will change this to another address than what is on the CoinZoom screen, but it will not affect the transfer. 
  1. Send the information on the Wire Deposit Instructions screen to your financial institution where you want to initiate the transfer. Be sure to include the entire Reference number, which is your unique account identifier.

Note: Your financial institution may also charge you a fee for a wire transfer in addition to CoinZoom fees

Withdrawal Hold Times

Sometimes wire transfers have a temporary hold period that allows trading on those funds but not transfers out, as with a withdrawal. This is a protection to you to help avoid being victimized by scammers who persuade unsuspecting victims to fund their CoinZoom account with large sums and convince them to send crypto currency to the scammer. The hold times are based on multiple factors and will show in the app after the wire has been posted. 

Wires from 3rd Parties

We do not accept wires into your account from other people or organizations. The sender's name on the wire must match the name on the CoinZoom account. This means you cannot send a wire to your spouse's CoinZoom account if your spouse is not named on the account, such as with a joint bank account (see below). 

Warning: Wires from 3rd parties will be sent back and the sender will be responsible for any fees CoinZoom or the financial institution may charge. 3rd parties are defined as a name on an originating account that doesn't match the name on the receiving CoinZoom account. 

However, you can send a wire to your own CoinZoom account and ZoomMe the amount to your spouse's or other CoinZoom account after any withdrawal hold time expires.

Joint Accounts

If you have a joint bank account and want to send a wire to your own or your spouse's CoinZoom account, attach a copy of your joint bank statement showing:

  • Both names
  • Current address 
  • Account number (black out all but the last 4 digits)
  • Black out any other sensitive information
  • Include the wire's reference number
  • Send to

Corporate Accounts

Sending a wire to a corporate account requires a match between the sender's name and the CoinZoom account name. If they do not match, the wire will be returned. Any fees the financial institution or CoinZoom charges for the return are the responsibility of the sender. 

Processing Times

Wire transfers take up to 5 days to arrive at CoinZoom and are usuallyposted to the account on the same or next business day. They are only posted on US business days. 


CoinZoom automatically charges fees for wire processing that are passed along from what the banks charge. Black level VIP customers with current holdings of 300,000 ZOOM tokens are exempt from the fees.

Related Articles

Direct Deposit

Note: Direct deposits are temporarily paused.

Direct deposits allow you to fund your CoinZoom account directly from a paycheck or tax refund. Give your CoinZoom account information to your employer with an amount or percentage to deposit in your CoinZoom account each pay period. There is a daily limit of $45,000 on direct deposits. 

Direct deposit is currently available for US customers. The first direct deposit requires your account to be funded first by another means, which you can do in any amount. 

Note: The name on your direct deposit account must match your CoinZoom profile, otherwise the deposit will be rejected. 

Direct deposits are similar to ACH transfers, but once the initial setup has taken place (normally a few days), there is no withdrawal hold period and there are no fees. See this article comparing different deposit methods

The direct deposit does not have to be from an employer, though that is most common. The space on the form for the employer's name can be the employer or your banking institution. The name on the deposit must match the name on your CoinZoom account.

Follow these steps to create a form to give to your employer that will begin direct deposits: 

  1. Choose Direct Deposit from the Deposit Methods screen.
  2. Enter the amount or percentage you want deposited with each paycheck.
  3. Electronically sign the form.
  4. Send the form to your employer. 

Note: This process only creates a form for you to give to your employer to set up the direct deposit, it does not actually initiate the direct deposit. 

External Wallet

You can use your CoinZoom wallet to receive supported digital currencies by sharing your wallet address to someone directly. 

Warning: Once a transaction has been made, there is no option to undo or reverse it. Crypto must be sent to a compatible wallet; in other words, make sure that if you are receiving Bitcoin, use your Bitcoin wallet address and not another coin's wallet!

To find a wallet address or QR Code:

  1. Log into your CoinZoom account.
  2. Click on "Portfolio".
  3. Choose "Receive" for the desired crypto (mobile app users must select the crypto first).
  4. Click on the "Receive" button.
  5. Copy the wallet address or take a picture of the QR code.
  6. Share it with the person sending crypto.


If your bank offers Zelle you may be able send funds from that bank account to your CoinZoom account. Zelle is accessed through the on-line banking portal at your financial institution. 

If Zelle asks for a phone number or email address instead of routing and account numbers, then it will not work with CoinZoom. Please consult your bank for further direction, if needed. 

To set up a Zelle transfer, you will need to provide the CoinZoom routing number and your CoinZoom account number to Zelle:

  1. Access the Deposit screen in CoinZoom
  2. Open the Direct Deposit screen
  3. Copy the routing and account numbers to the online Zelle form on your banking website or app.
The web and Pro apps show the CoinZoom routing code and your account number on the Direct Deposit screen.
The mobile app shows the CoinZoom routing code and your account number on the Wallet screen.

Zelle deposits take 4-5 business days to post to your account and are available on the day they post for trading and withdrawal. Maximum transaction amount is $500 - $10,000/day depending on your CoinZoom Visa debit card VIP level.

Note: If your bank's version of Zelle only allows you to choose recipients from the contacts on your phone and doesn't allow you to add the CoinZoom routing number and your account number, you won't be able to use Zelle to deposit funds to your CoinZoom Account.

When setting up your transfer you may be asked what kind of account this is. This is a checking account.

When configuring Zelle, make sure to put the target name as your own name as it appears on your CoinZoom account profile.



You can conveniently receive crypto or USD from any other CoinZoom customer by sharing your ZoomMe handle. Maybe your friend owes you for dinner, or your spouse wants to give you a birthday present. Any payment made to you using ZoomMe goes directly into your CoinZoom account immediately without any withdrawal hold periods or fees

Access your ZoomMe handle in one of these ways:

  1. Web app: Portfolio screen. The ZoomMe handle and QR code are in the upper right corner of the screen.
  2. Pro app: Left-nav menu. Tap the left-nav menu icon to see your ZoomMe handle and QR code.
  3. Mobile app: Gear -> Personal. Your ZoomMe handle is shown on the Account Info screen but it does not show a QR code. 

Share the QR code or ZoomMe handle with any other CoinZoom account holder to receive USD or crypto directly into your account.


See this article for more information on using ZoomMe.

CoinZoom Cash

Deposit money into your account with cash at participating convenience stores and gas stations in the United States. It works similarly to a crypto ATM, but with lower fees. CoinZoom cash shows you the nearest locations in our network that accept deposits in USD, then generates a barcode and lets you give the cash to the cashier for instant deposit into your CoinZoom account.  

Fees apply but there are no hold periods. See this article comparing deposit methods. Only the mobile apps support CoinZoom Cash; it is not available on the web app.

  1. Open CoinZoom Cash in your mobile app from the Funding Methods screen.
  2. View a map of the closest CoinZoom Cash locations. Make sure your device's location is turned on.
  3. Tap a location on the map to see its address or get directions.
  4. Tap "Get Barcode" then "Activate Barcode" when you arrive at the location. It is valid for only 15 minutes. 
  5. Present the barcode on your mobile device for the cashier to scan.
  6. Give the cashier the cash you want to deposit. 

The map view shows all the locations in your area that accept cash deposits for your CoinZoom account.
Tap List at the top of the screen to see details about the locations in your area that accept cash deposits for your CoinZoom account.

The funds will be deposited immediately in your account minus the convenience fee. 

Note: The map shows only those locations that accept CoinZoom Cash, not all stores of a particular store brand support it.

The following applies to CoinZoom Cash:

  • Minimum deposit: $20
  • Maximum deposit: $500-$999 (depending upon the store)
  • 24-hour (rolling) cash limit: $1,000
  • 30-day (rolling) cash limit: $10,000

Note: If you receive an error that your card has already been used, it likely means the barcode has expired. Sometimes this happens when you try to regenerate a new barcode. If you cannot regenerate the barcode, try it again after logging out and back in.

Note: CoinZoom cannot accept checks. Do not mail a check, it will be returned to the sender.