There are multiple reasons for not being able to deposit funds in your account. Review the following scenarios and see if they fit your situation. Credit cards cannot be used for deposits. 

Verified Status

In order to deposit funds to your account, your account must be approved and have a "Verified" status. Even though you have submitted your profile information, your account may not yet be verified. 

Address Match

In order to deposit funds from a debit card, the address associated with your debit card has to match the address on your profile. Also, there is a maximum of $500 per 24 hours that can be deposited from a debit card.

Finish Your Profile

If your account doesn't show as "verified" in your Account Status screen, see: How do I finish the Profile and Registration pages? It is possible that your application has been rejected and you will need to submit again. Make sure all documents and photos are clear and accurate.