There are many ways to deposit funds into your CoinZoom account. Each has their advantages. This chart compares what kinds of funds can be deposited with each method, any fees involved, how long they take to post to the account and the hold period before the funds can be withdrawn. 

Current CoinZoom fees and maximum deposit amounts can be found on this page under the Deposit & Withdrawal Fees tab.

The Time to Post column indicates how long it normally takes for the deposit to settle between CoinZoom and the financial institution. The Hold Period column indicates the amount of time before funds can be withdrawn. You may still buy and sell on the exchange while the funds are on hold. 


Asset TypeFunding MethodFees1Time to PostHold Period


Wire Transfer

Free2-3 business days

0-7 days2

USDACHFree3-4 business days7-21 days
USDDirect DepositFree5-7 business daysNone
USDDebit card2.99%Immediately21-90 days3
USDCoinZoom Cash5%+4


Up to 30 mins.
USDZelleFree1-5 business daysNone


External wallet transferFreeImmediatelyNone
USDGoogle Pay (1 deposit per hour)2.99%Immediately21 days
USDApple Pay (1 deposit per hour)2.99%Immediately21 days

Hold Period

The Hold Period is the time you must wait to withdraw funds you have recently deposited into your CoinZoom account. Until your pending funds clear from your bank, you cannot withdraw them from CoinZoom or transfer any digital assets out of your account that you purchased using pending funds. 

You can see when a hold expires in the Deposit History (Portfolio -> USD -> Deposit) in both the web and Pro apps.  

All holds are put in place to allow sufficient time to dispute potentially fraudulent transactions. The window for debit card disputes is determined by the financial institutions' policies and CoinZoom cannot change them.

Debit Card Holds

Debit card deposit holds are explained in this article, Hold Times for Debit Card Deposits.

Note 1

Methods listed as "Free" mean that CoinZoom does not charge any fees, though your financial institution may charge them.

Note 2

Wire transfers can take up to 7 days before the withdrawal hold is removed.

Note 3

In uncommon cases, non-US debit card deposits can take up to 90 days.

Note 45% or $6, whichever is greater.