CoinZoom Instant allows you to instantly withdraw funds to a Visa or Mastercard debit or pre-paid cards. Instant withdrawals are subject to a 1.5% fee (with a minimum fee of $1.50) and arrive at your debit card's bank account immediately. 

You can have up to two debit cards registered on your account for withdrawals and deposits. Black level accounts can have up to four.  

CoinZoom Instant works with most Visa and MasterCard debit and pre-paid cards in both the US and internationally. This list shows the countries where CoinZoom Instant is available.

To use CoinZoom Instant: 

  1. Click the Withdraw button on USD
  2. Choose the CoinZoom Instant option 
  3. Enter the debit card or pre-paid card number, Expiration Date and CCV
  4. Click next and confirm.

While most withdrawals are instant, a few banks only process them the next business day. If your withdrawal does not appear on your card immediately, check with your financial institution before contacting CoinZoom Support.  

Can Withdraw If...Withdrawal Will Fail If...
The debit card is already registered to the account from a previous deposit or withdrawal.An invalid card is used, such as any credit card or any non-Visa or non-Mastercard card. 
The withdrawal is $2,500 or less and you haven't reached the daily limit. The transactions is more than $2,500 or you have reached your daily limit. See this document for limits. 
Your name and address on the card match the name and address on your CoinZoom profile.Your card has a different name or address than the CoinZoom account. To correct this, you can do one of the following: 
  1. Change your profile to match
  2. Send proof that you own the card by submitting a screenshot from your bank account that shows your name, address, and last 4 digits of your card to
The card is a Visa or MastercardThe card is not a Visa or Mastercard.
The debit card is not registered on the account and the account has not reached the limit for registered cards.
If the account has reached the maximum number of cards, one must be removed. The limit is two for most customers, three for Black level VIP customers. 
Your card was issued in the country on your CoinZoom profile. The card was not issued in the same country as listed on your CoinZoom profile. 
The card is from one of the countries on this list.
The card is not from one of the countries on this list. Most countries allow withdrawals to debit cards, but there are a few countries that do not allow them.

If you need to unregister a card on your account, please see this article: Remove a Debit Card from Your Account

See Fiat Withdrawal and Deposit Fees for CoinZoom Instant fees. In addition, Black level accounts receive up to 2% back in Zoom tokens when using CoinZoom instant. 

There are daily limits to how much you can withdraw based on your card's VIP level. See Deposit, Withdrawal, Spending and Transferring Daily Limits.

See CoinZoom Visa Debit Card FAQs for more information on upgrading your card level.

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