CoinZoom Instant allows you to instantly withdraw funds to a Visa or Mastercard debit or pre-paid cards. Instant withdrawals are subject to a 1.5% fee (with a minimum fee of $1.50) and arrive at your debit card's bank account immediately. 

You can have up to two debit cards registered on your account for withdrawals and deposits. Black level accounts can have up to four.  

CoinZoom Instant works with most Visa and MasterCard debit and pre-paid cards in the United States. All other countries can use Visa cards. This list shows the countries where CoinZoom Instant is available.

To use CoinZoom Instant: 

  1. Click a Withdraw button
  2. Choose the CoinZoom Instant option in order to withdraw to a debit or pre-paid card 
  3. Enter the debit card or pre-paid card number, Expiration Date and CCV
  4. Click next and confirm.

While most withdrawals are instant, a few banks only process them the next business day. If your withdrawal does not appear on your card immediately, check with your financial institution before contacting CoinZoom Support.  

Can Withdraw If...Withdrawal Will Fail If...
The debit card is already registered to the accountAn invalid card is used, such as any credit card or any non-Visa or non-Mastercard card. Only Visa works outside of the US.
The debit card is not registered on the account and the account has not reached the limit for registered cards. In that case the debit card will be automatically registered to the account. Transaction is attempted in a country where CoinZoom Instant is not available. Most countries allow withdrawals to debit cards, but there are a few countries that do not allow them. In Canada, not all banks support it.
No cards have been registered to the account. Withdrawing on a card will automatically register it.The account's card limit has been reached and the card is not registered on the account.
Your card was issued form the country in your CoinZoom profile and is from one of the countries on this list.The card was not issued in the same country as listed on the account's profile and is not from one of the countries on this list
Your name and address on the card match the name and address on your CoinZoom profile. If your card has a different name than the CoinZoom account, you will have to change your profile to match. Remember, if you make changes to your CoinZoom profile, you will be restricted from withdrawing for 48 hours. 

If you need to unregister a card on your account, please login to the Support site and open a support ticket. 

See Fiat Withdrawal and Deposit Fees for CoinZoom Instant fees. In addition, Black level accounts receive up to 2% back in Zoom tokens when using CoinZoom instant. 

There are daily limits to how much you can withdraw based on your card's VIP level. See Deposit, Withdrawal, Spending and Transferring Daily Limits.

See CoinZoom Visa Debit Card FAQs for more information on upgrading your card level.

Note: A requirement in the past stated a card must have been previously used to deposit funds in order for it to be eligible for it to receive withdrawn funds. That is no longer a requirement; the deposit and withdrawal cards do not need to be the same. 

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