What is Rate limiting?

Rate limiting is a strategy for limiting network traffic. It puts a cap on how often someone can repeat an action within a certain timeframe – for instance, trying to log in to an account.

•Rate limiting can help stop certain kinds of malicious bot activity. It can also reduce strain on webservers.

•Rate limiting is generally put in place as a defensive measure for services.

Rate Limits on CoinZoom:

•Failed logins attempts will incrementally throttle from 15 minutes on first failed attempt, 30 minutes on 2nd failed attpempt and 60 minutes on 3rd failed attempt. On 4rd failure, account will be blocked for 24 hours.

•10 failed repeated attempts to log in during any 10 minutes period will result in a block of the ip address for 1 hours.

•For API Trading, if more than 60 requests in a 1 minute period, the account will be blocked for 1 hour. 

For information on our API and how to correctly use the websockets, please see https://api-docs.coinzoom.com/.

Types of errors that customer might get due to rate limiting while logging into their CZ account:

•Script error in red text (Chrome and Firefox)

•There is an issue with your request. Please try again. (Android)

•Failure (iPhone)

•Account locked for 24 hours or 8 hours