What is a transaction hash/hash ID?

A transaction hash or transaction ID is a unique string of characters that is given to every transaction verified and added to the blockchain. In many cases, you will need a transaction hash in order to locate funds that you have sent to yours or somebody else's wallet.

How can I confirm my crypto transaction?

All cryptocurrency transactions are publicly available by searching the block chain explorer for that coin. If you have your transaction hash or ID, you can search the respective explorer and verify the details, such as the receiver's wallet address and the amount. 

Below are some common blockchain explorers. Click to the site for your coin and paste in the transaction ID. If the hash is valid, it will show the transaction details.

Where can I find my transaction hash/ID?

If the crypto was send TO your CoinZoom account, and it didn't arrive, you will not be able to find the transaction ID in your CoinZoom account. Instead the sender must provide the hash for you. You can then take that ID and use a blockchain explorer above to locate the transaction. If you need us to help you troubleshoot the transaction further, send it to our support team. The Transaction ID must be sent as text, an image is unusable.

If you sent crypto sent FROM your CoinZoom account, look on the Transaction tab to find the hash. Click the grey image  on the right hand end of the correct line.

For the Pro App

  1. Go to Wallet
  2. Select the transaction's cryptocurrency
  3. Scroll down to "Recent Transactions"
  4. The Transaction Hash/ID is listed in the "Entry Comment" column.