It’s important to understand how CoinZoom handles digital currency transactions to ensure any refunds reach the sender’s account. CoinZoom does not support digital currency being returned directly to an address it was sent “from” (in the digital currency world, we call these input addresses).

When a CoinZoom user sends digital currency from their wallet, the address it comes "from" is one of CoinZoom's many hot wallet addresses. Any coins sent back to that address would be sent to CoinZoom, not your own wallet.

For refunds sent back to a CoinZoom customer, there are several ways you can go about obtaining an address which will accept refunds for a particular transaction.


You can request the sender provide you with their wallet address for the relevant Crypto Currency. 

If the party you are trying to refund is not using CoinZoom, you will need to reach out to them directly in order to obtain an address that can accept refunds.