CoinZoom requires a unique email address for your account. In order to help keep your account secure, you cannot change the email address. But if you lose access to your email account, it can prevent you from doing some activity in CoinZoom. This article contains instructions for helping you in the event you've lost access to your email account. 


You can sometimes regain email access by receiving verification codes to your mobile device or to a backup email you registered with the email provider when you originally set up your email account. Refer to the links below for instructions on recovering your email address from some of the most commonly used email domains:

If the email address was provided by your organization, please contact your workspace admin to help with the recovery. 

If you still can't access your email address, we can help you with changing the email address associated with your CoinZoom account. We will need to initiate one of the following account recovery/reset processes.

You Have Access to Your CoinZoom Account 

Set up a new CoinZoom account with a new email address and transfer any available funds to the new account using ZoomMe.  

You DO NOT Have Access to Your CoinZoom Account

If you do not have access to your CoinZoom account, we can help you recover it. 

  • Create a ticket with the email address you have access to
  • Include the following in the ticket
    • Your registered email address
    • The fact that you lost access to your email address 
    • Any steps you have tried to recover it. 
  • One of our agents will respond to you with a link to set up a Zoom meeting. 
  • Set up a meeting at your preferred time from the available slots.
  • Before joining the Zoom meeting, ensure that you have your photo ID document (Passport or Driving License) handy. 
  • While on the call we'll verify your identity and help you with resetting the password and 2-Factor Authentication as necessary.

Once you have access to your account, you can set up a new CoinZoom account with a different email address and use ZoomMe to transfer the available funds (if any) to it.