If you have lost access to the email address you used to create your CoinZoom account, we will need to initiate one of the following account recovery/reset processes. 

Accounts protected by two-factor verification:

  1. If your account is protected by two-factor verification, not just by SMS, please click this link and follow these steps to update your email address:
  2. Sign in using your previous email address and password
  3. Enter your two-factor token
  4. Select “I no longer have access to my email address” when you are prompted to verify your new device.
  5. Enter your new email address. We’ll send you an email to this account.
  6. Confirm your new email address by clicking the blue button in the email you received
  7. Enter your 2-factor authentication code as you normally would
  8.  Select your ID type

    Please note for US customers, we only accept valid state driver’s licenses at this time

For security reasons, this process typically takes 48 - 72 hours to complete. Additionally, you must have access to the phone number on your account in order to change the email address in our system. If you are unable to access your phone number on file (or your account does not have two-step verification enabled), then it will not be possible to update your email address.


Accounts protected via SMS tokens:

  1. If you have lost access to the email address you used to create your CoinZoom account and your account is protect only by SMS, we will need to initiate the account reset process. 
  2. Please begin by completing the following steps:
  3. Create a CoinZoom account using a different email address on the following page: https://www.coinzoom.com/signup.
  4. Add and verify a phone number.
  5. If possible, add and verify the same bank and credit cards you have used before.
  6. Upload a photo ID to your new account here.
  7. Contact us and let us know when you have completed these steps.

These steps will help verify your ownership of the previous account.  If you encounter any issues while doing this, please let us know as soon as possible.