Sometimes the prices of crypto currency may show $0.00 on your screen or they may show an unexpectedly low number. This can happen under the following circumstances: when a coin is delisted, when there is low liquidity, or when an antivirus app is interfering. 

If a coin has been delisted (removed from the exchange), any price that shows for that crypto will be inaccurate. It may show as $0.00 or it may show at a price much lower than expected. Because the coin cannot be traded on our exchange, whatever price it shows will be wrong. In reality, the price should show $0.00 because there is no market on the exchange. The important thing to remember is that the number of coins has not changed, only the ability to trade them on CoinZoom. Please see this article: Coin Delisting FAQ

If a coin has low liquidity, the price may fluctuate wildly. Low liquidity means there is a small market for the coin and the prices are based on what people are willing to pay or sell for. In a small market with little competition a seller may ask a very high price or a buyer may offer a very low price. If you place a market order when there is low liquidity, the order may be filled at a very unexpected price. Or an order may be partially filled at an expected price but the remainder filled at a very different price. Always check the current market rates and quantities available for trade to be sure that your order will be filled completely at or near the price you expect. 

If you have anti-virus software, your pricing may be blocked. In this case, whitelist to make sure that your trade screen is not affected by the anti-virus software.