CoinZoom is pleased to partner with the Utah Jazz to exclusively offer the JazzXR NFT. Follow these instructions to purchase your NFT. You will pay for the NFT through CoinZoom, then transfer it to, where you can customized your avatar and immerse yourself in the Jazz locker room experience.

Step 1: Set up a CoinZoom Account

Create your free CoinZoom account. Check out this video for detailed instructions on how to complete the process.

The CoinZoom account lets you purchase Jazz NFTs as well buy, sell, and spend cryptocurrency.

Step 2: Login to the CoinZoom NFT Marketplace

Login to CoinZoom NFT Marketplace here: Use the same username and password you used when you created your CoinZoom account. 

Click the Login button on the NFT Marketplace to login with your CoinZoom account (click to expand).

Step 3: Buy the NFT

Buy your JazzXR NFT with a debit or credit card, Apple Pay or Google Pay or crypto. Pay with CoinZoom takes you to your account where you can choose the payment method.

You can choose to pay with crypto from the desktop app or use the QR code to pay with the mobile app (click to expand).

Choose the payment method. If you have a full CoinZoom account, you can pay with crypto, card, GPay or ApplePay. If you have a limited account you can only pay with GPay or ApplePay.

CoinZoom lets you pay by several methods, including crypto (click to enlarge).

When your purchase is complete you will see a popup confirming the purchase and receive a confirmation email.  

You'll see a confirmation screen and receive an email upon successful purchase (click to enlarge).

Step 4: Locate Your NFT

Return to and find your new JazzXR NFT in your account. Follow the instructions for Mobile or Desktop, below. 


If you’re on mobile, click “Register/Login” and you will be prompted to log in with your CoinZoom credentials via the app. Once you’re logged in, navigate back to the NFT Marketplace and click “My Account,” scroll down to see your NFT. 

On a mobile device, access and tap on My Account to see your NFTs (click to enlarge).


If you’re on desktop, navigate to your account by clicking “Account” in the top left side of the page on the Marketplace and tapping on “My Collection.” You will be prompted to log in with your CoinZoom credentials. Once you’re logged in click on “Account” and “My Collection” to view your NFT.   

On the desktop, click on Account -> My Collection (click to enlarge). 

Step 5: Transfer the NFT to Ready Player Me

Copy the Redemption code URL included with your NFT and paste it into your browser to go to the Avatar Creation Portal via Ready Player Me.  

Copy the URL for the redemption code (click to enlarge).

Step 6: Customize Your NFT

Go to and login or sign up for your account. customize your unique avatar once you're logged into your account.  


Step 6: Enjoy the JazzXR Experience

Take your avatar into the Utah Jazz Metaversal space on to enjoy a unique virtual Jazz experience, test your knowledge, join your friends and meet a Jazz player. As part of the JazzXR club you’ll enjoy the following benefits:  

  • 15% off team merchandise  

  • Access to Discord (Jazz-centric First Take)  

  • Token gated portion of the Jazz App with exclusive content  

  • Voting rights on in-game activations (song choices, t-shirt colors, big games, etc.)  

  • Avatar utility and Metaversal space access  

  • Access to JazzXR club spaces and popup events