What is CoinZoom Cash?

CoinZoom Cash lets you conveniently deposit money in your account without the high fees of crypto ATMs. It is available at select convenience stores and gas stations in the United States. Please see this article for instructions on how to make a deposit using CoinZoom Cash

Who can use CoinZoom Cash?

Any CoinZoom customer in the United States can go into any participating merchant and deposit money directly into their account as easily as paying for a soda. 

Where is CoinZoom Cash available?

CoinZoom Cash is available at select convenience stores and gas stations and show up on the map or list view in the app. See this article for instructions on how to deposit money with CoinZoom Cash

Why can't I see a location on my map?

All the locations that accept CoinZoom Cash payments show on the map inside the app. Sometimes a store that you might expect to be on the list does not show up even though another location of the same brand shows up. If a particular store location is not showing on the app, it is because that location is not equipped to accept CoinZoom Cash payments. 

What methods can I use to pay?

You can only deposit USD currency into your account with CoinZoom Cash. No other currency is compatible. Debit or credit cards and checks are also not allowed.

What if the cashier doesn't know how to help me?

You could be the first customer a cashier has had that wants to deposit money with CoinZoom Cash and it may be unfamiliar to the cashier. The app has instructions on it that you can show for the cashier to follow. Explain that the barcode on your app is like the barcode of any product in the store and the cashier rings up the sale as if it is for physical merchandise, manually entering the amount you want to put in. You as the customer pay in cash after the barcode has been scanned. It is a simple process that will be very familiar to cashiers with the only difference is the barcode is not for physical merchandise.