Ashfall collectibles can be transferred to your HashPack wallet by following these steps. You have the choice of initiating the transfer from inside your CoinZoom wallet or from HashPack. 

If you want to transfer them to another type of wallet, follow the standard transfer process

Once a token is transferred out of CoinZoom, you cannot transfer it back in. 

Find the Token ID

Make sure you associate the token of your item to your HashPack wallet before making the transfer. The token IDs are the same for all the items in a single episode. 

Only use these IDs for the Ashfall series:

Episode 1:  0.0.1643212

Episode 2:  0.0.1864141

Episode 3:  0.0.1885269

Episode 4:  0.0.1885278

Episode 5:  0.0.1885279

Note: A common confusion comes from an ID listed on the item in your CoinZoom wallet. That ID is actually an internal identifier and not relevant for transferring it to HashPack. 

Initiating the Transfer from CoinZoom

These steps are the recommended way to transfer a token to HashPack. If you need to do it another way, follow the steps under "Initiating the Transfer from HashPack", below. 

Connect Your HashPack Wallet

The easiest way to transfer your NFT is by connecting your HashPack wallet to your CoinZoom wallet. This is the recommended process, but it can also be done manually (see below). 

  1. Download the HashPack Chrome extension from the Chrome Store
  2. Login to the HashPack extension
  3. Access your digital collectible in your CoinZoom wallet (
  4. Click "Transfer to External Wallet"
    The digital collectible page has an option to transfer to an external wallet. 
  5. From the Transfer Page in CoinZoom, click the green "Connect HashPack Wallet" button.
    The transfer page has a green button to connect your HashPack wallet. Enter your wallet address and click Connect to HashPack Wallet. 
  6. You may see some additional screens. One may tell you to install the HashPack extension. If it is already installed, just ignore it.
    If you already have the HashPack wallet extension installed, you may ignore this screen.
  7. Confirm that you want to connect your wallet. Your wallet address shows in the bottom right corner.
    Approve the wallet connection. 

Associate and Transfer to HashPack

Once you have connected your HashPack wallet to your CoinZoom wallet, you only need to associate the token with HashPack and transfer it over.

  1. Click "Associate Token" (keep your wallet ID in the box)
    Associate your token after connecting to your HashPack wallet. Then click the Submit button to transfer it. 
  2. Review the details before approving the association. If there has been a mistake, you can reject it and start again.
    This screen lets you review the token's metadata before approving the association. 

  3. A HashPack screen confirms the association.
    Even if the token has not been associated before, the message may say that it is already associated. Nonetheless, it confirms the association.
  4. Click "Submit" to transfer the token to your HashPack wallet.
    The Submit button lets you retry if the original submission is unsuccessful.

If you have difficulties with this method, you can also go into your HashPack wallet to initiate the transfer from CoinZoom, as described next.

Initiating the Transfer from HashPack

If you have problems with the above steps or cannot download/install the HashPack extension, try the following procedure from inside HashPack to associate and transfer the token.

Manually Associate the Token

If you want to manually associate the token, you can do it from your HashPack wallet. Copy the token ID from the above list:

  1. Login to your HashPack wallet and go to the NFTS tab. 
  2. Choose Associate NFT
  3. Paste the token ID from the above list for the episode you wish to transfer

Manually Transfer From CoinZoom

Once you have manually made the association, go to your CoinZoom wallet and transfer the digital collectible or NFT to your HashPack wallet.