Withdraw funds to your Visa or Mastercard debit or pre-paid card using CoinZoom Instant. The funds arrive in your debit card’s bank account immediately and you’ll earn up to 2% back in ZOOM, CoinZoom’s native token, with every withdrawal!

We provide you with the flexibility to select up to two debit cards registered on your account for both instant withdrawals and deposits. Black level users can have up to four debit cards registered. 

CoinZoom Instant works with the majority of Visa and Mastercard debit and pre-paid cards in most countries and withdrawals are subject to a 1.5% fee (with a minimum fee of $1.50). Check to see if CoinZoom Instant is available in your country here.

Start Using CoinZoom Instant for Your Withdrawals:

  • Click the wallet icon on the bottom left side of the app and tap the Withdrawal button 
  • Choose the CoinZoom Instant option to withdraw to a debit or pre-paid card  
  • Enter the debit card or pre-paid card number, expiration date and CCV 
  • Click next and confirm 
  • See the funds in your account instantly and watch your rewards pile up! 

Depending on the amount of ZOOM in your account, you’ll earn up to 2% back in ZOOM every time you use CoinZoom Instant to make a withdrawal. It's never been easier to earn crypto rewards.  

Do you have questions about CoinZoom Instant? Feel free to visit our support page for more details or contact our customer support team directly