Ashfall Episode #6 is the final and bonus digital collectible in the Ashfall series created by Liithos. CoinZoom has partnered with Liithos to make all the Ashfall comic cover art available on the CoinZoom Marketplace. 

As an exclusive collectible, Episode #6 is available only to people who have the previous episodes 1-5 residing in their CoinZoom wallet on 31 March 2023, 12:00 AM (UTC). Those with 1-10 full sets can receive Episode #6 for each full set, for a maximum of 10. 

Warning: CoinZoom is not responsible for determining eligibility of Ashfall digital collectibles in HashPack wallets nor for dropping Episode #6 into HashPack wallets. Liithos has sole responsibility to owners with Ashfall collectibles in HashPack. Only CoinZoom and HashPack wallets qualify for Episode #6.

How do I claim Episode 6?

Episode #6 can be claimed after 31 March 2023, 12:00 AM (UTC) for those who qualify. Instructions will be provided here at that time.

How long will Episode 6 be available?

This will be announced closer to March 31.

Can I transfer my Ashfall episodes?

Yes, you may transfer any or all of your Ashfall digital collectibles out of your CoinZoom wallet. See this article for more details. You may also sell your collectible on the CoinZoom Marketplace. Once a collectible has left your CoinZoom account, the only way to get it back in your CoinZoom wallet is to purchase it on the CoinZoom Marketplace. There is currently not a way to transfer collectibles into your CoinZoom wallet. 

What if I have episodes in different wallets?

People who have some episodes in CoinZoom and others in a HashPack wallet must make sure to have episodes #1-5 in the same wallet in order to qualify for the bonus Episode #6. If you have a full set of episodes in different wallets on March 31, they will not be counted as full sets. All episodes must reside in the same wallet to be counted as full set.