Buying a digital collectible or NFT on the CoinZoom marketplace is easy and quick. You must be logged in with an account that has either limited or full verification. Limited verification is a fast way to begin participating in the marketplace; full verification allows you more payment options, including the use of cryptocurrency.

Find a Digital Asset to Buy

Find an NFT for sale by clicking the Browse link at in order to see all the listings available. 

Claim the NFT by clicking on it. You must be signed in with a limited or full account.  
To find other digital collectibles and NFTs, choose the menu icon at the top of the screen and then choose Marketplace.

Once in the marketplace, search and filter in order to browse the NFTs offered for sale. Click into a listing to see its details and make a purchase. 

Pay for a Digital Asset

There are multiple options for paying for collectibles and NFTs, giving artists and buyers the flexibility to make the transaction in cryptocurrency or in USD. if you have a limited CoinZoom account, you will use GooglePay or ApplePay to make the transaction. Full accounts let you use any of the methods below. 

Choose Buy Now from the details screen of the item you want to purchase. You will have to login again. Review the transaction and scroll down to pay with your CoinZoom account.

The Buy Now button shows right below the price for the NFT (click to enlarge).
Scroll down the screen showing the price and choose to Pay With CoinZoom (click to enlarge).
Limited accounts will only have Apple Pay or Google Pay (if configured on the phone). More options are available for full accounts as shown here.

If you have cryptocurrency in your full account, scroll down the screen to pay with any of them. 

Warning: There is no way to reverse a sale once it is in progress or has been completed. This means you must be very careful to make sure the currency and amount are correct.  

Google Pay (limited and full accounts)

You can easily purchase NFTs on your Android device with Google Pay. It must be configured on your phone with a payment method. See this page to learn about Google Pay.

The payment screen will have an option to pay with GPay in USD. 

Note: Be sure your GPay has the option turned on that allows you to share with other companies that you have Google Play. Without it turned on, CoinZoom cannot show you the option to pay with Google Pay. 

  1. In Google Pay, navigate to Settings -> Privacy & Security  -> Data & Personalization
  2. Scroll down to "Share that you have Google Pay with companies outside Google" and make sure it is toggled on. 

Limited Accounts

For limited accounts, GPay is the only method accepted on Android. If you don't see the Pay with GPay button, check to make sure your GPay is configured completely on your phone and set up with a payment method. 

Use GPay to purchase on Android devices with a limited account. 

Full Accounts

Full accounts can choose to pay with GPay, in USD, with a card, or with crypto. The account must be funded with USD or crypto to pay with them.

You can purchase your collectible with Google Pay, provided it is configured on your phone. Click the GPay logo. 

Apple Pay (limited and full accounts)

You can easily purchase NFTs on your iOS device with ApplePay. Be sure your wallet is set up with a payment method on your iOS device. See this page to learn about ApplePay. See this page to learn about setting up Apple Pay

Limited Accounts

Limited accounts do not have funding tied to the account. On iOS devices use Apple Pay to make a purchase.

Click the logo to purchase a collectible with Apple Pay.

Full Accounts

Full accounts will have multiple options for paying, including Apple Pay. Tap the logo to purchase using Apple Pay.

Tap the Apple Pay logo to purchase using Apple Pay. 

Note: ApplePay works only on Safari browsers before iOS 16. 

Credit Card (full accounts only)

You can also pay with a credit card without having to fund your CoinZoom account. But this option is limited only to full accounts. At the payment screen, choose Pay with Card and enter your card information. The details on the card must match your CoinZoom profile. 

Paying with a card does not require you to have funds in your CoinZoom account.

USD or Cryptocurrency (full accounts only)

At the payment screen, scroll down to choose a cryptocurrency to make the purchase with. You must own the currency in your CoinZoom portfolio. You must have the amount of USD or cryptocurrency in your CoinZoom account that the digital collectible or NFT requires plus enough to cover fees. If you do not, you can buy the currency in your CoinZoom account. 

Full accounts can pay with whatever USD or crypto is already in their account. 

You may need to deposit additional funds in your CoinZoom account. You can use debit cards, ACH deposits, CoinZoom Cash, wallet transfers or other ways to add funds your account. See this article comparing the different funding methods.