What is a Digital Collectible?

Digital Collectibles are unique pieces of online artwork that can be bought, sold, and stored online. Ashfall collectibles are available exclusively on the CoinZoom marketplace and can be claimed by creating an account and logging in. 

Digital collectibles are online assets, also called NFTs (non-fungible tokens), popular in the online world of blockchain and cryptocurrency. These are often artwork, created, stored, and traded online. They are made up of secure cryptographic algorithms, which makes them so they cannot be easily replicated. You can create, buy, sell and store them all online. 

More broadly, NFTs can represent physical objects, such as titles to real estate or physical artwork or the purchase of a sports or concert ticket that grants admittance to the venue. The cryptographic nature of Digital Collectibles and NFTs reduces fraud because it is difficult for thieves to copy, steal or profit from them. 

This digital artwork is available on the CoinZoom marketplace.

CoinZoom's Collectibles Marketplace

CoinZoom has a marketplace where people can buy, sell, trade, and store Digital Collectibles and other NFTs. Once you set up a limited CoinZoom account (or if you already have a full CoinZoom account), you can begin buying and selling in the marketplace. 

The limited account lets you buy digital assets easily with GooglePay and ApplePay. The full account allows additional payment methods and full access to buying and selling cryptocurrency. See this article on setting up a full account

CoinZoom's marketplace is a gathering place for artists and buyers to conveniently conduct business without complicated interfaces and without even needing to understand the cryptocurrency industry. Artists can mint and list their digital collectibles and NFTs on the site and choose to receive royalties not only on the first, but on every subsequent sale. 

Buyers are protected because their purchases are safely stored in their wallet on the CoinZoom exchange or can be transferred to an external wallet. Storing on the CoinZoom marketplace, allows you to easily sell it to others on the exchange. 

Find Digital Collectibles and NFTs

All digital collectibles and NFTs on the marketplace can be accessed by choosing Browse from the menu. Sort and filter the items to find what you're looking for. 

Choose the Browse item in the top menu bar to see the marketplace (click to enlarge).

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