Getting the correct web address for CoinZoom is essential for the protection and security of your personal information and money. Please use this guide to verify any web addresses that appear suspicious or that don't use the domain name exactly. 

Note: If you have any question about the legitimacy of a site or email representing itself as CoinZoom, you can always verify it by contacting our support team at Open a ticket or a chat and let us help you.

What is a Domain Name?

Domain names (also called primary domain names) is a way to identify a website or email address on the internet. If you accidentally type in or click on the wrong domain name, you will get the wrong site. And even though the site may look similar or nearly identical to ours, if the domain name is wrong—even by a single character—the site will not be CoinZoom's website. 

CoinZoom's Domain Name

The domain for all CoinZoom websites and email addresses is Every subdomain will always end in (notice the "." at the beginning)Domains such as, or are legitimate.  

Scammers try to fool unsuspecting consumers with slight variations from the CoinZoom domain. Fraudulent sites may use something similar to the following fake domains:

  • (missing "." between trade and coinzoom)
  • (added "x" to coinzoom)
  • (added ".co" to
  • (wrong top level domain, .net)

Warning: If you mistakenly login to a site pretending to be CoinZoom, you are exposing your login credentials to thieves who can then access your actual CoinZoom account and steal your money. Always check the URL to make sure it is correct.

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