The virtual CoinZoom Visa Debit card is tied to all US-based accounts as soon as the account is funded. There is no charge for it. US customers may also order a physical card

Note: The virtual card and physical card are different and do not have the same number. You can use either one, but they are actually individual cards. 

Finding the Card Number

For security, your virtual CoinZoom Visa Debit card is masked by default. To see it, click or tap on "Tap to view card details" just above your CoinZoom debit image in the app. It will show your card number, the CVV number, and expiration date.

There is no PIN associated with your virtual card. Because of this, a "Limited Use" message is located in the upper right-hand corner. This means that merchants who require a PIN may not accept your virtual CoinZoom Visa Card. In that case you will want to order a physical card