If a transaction on your CoinZoom Visa Debit card has been denied, it may be for one of the following reasons. Please review these before contacting Support: 

  • The purchase exceeded the card level’s daily or weekly limits. You can purchase more ZOOM tokens to increase the card level and thus the daily and weekly purchase limits. See this page on the CoinZoom website and scroll down to see the card limit details.

  • The card has an insufficient amount of the selected currency to cover the purchase. Change the currency in your app and try again.

  • Your account may not have enough ZOOM tokens to cover fees. Go into the app and purchase additional ZOOM tokens.

  • The selling price of the crypto is less than expected and was insufficient to cover the purchase. In a volatile market, the currency selected for the card may not sell for enough to cover the transaction. You can change the currency, buy more of the currency, or try the purchase again when the value of the currency has gone up.

  • There are insufficient funds because a previous purchase has not settled that was authorized for more than the actual purchase price. Some purchases may be authorized for more than the stated price in order to account for tips or a price range, such as when buying gasoline. Until the transaction is settled (usually the next day), the extra amount is temporarily unavailable for other transactions. You can buy additional tokens to increase the value of the selected currency.

  • The card was used at a non-participating merchant. You will need to pay with a different method.

If none of these suggestions resolve this issue, please open a ticket at support.coinzoom.com for further troubleshooting.