You can conveniently receive crypto or USD from any other CoinZoom customer by sharing your ZoomMe handle. Maybe your friend owes you for dinner, or your spouse wants to give you a birthday present. Any payment made to you using ZoomMe goes directly into your CoinZoom account immediately without any withdrawal hold periods or fees

Note: ZoomMe daily limits are determined by the number of ZOOM tokens you own

Access your ZoomMe handle in one of these ways:

  1. Web app: Portfolio screen. The ZoomMe handle and QR code are in the upper right corner of the screen.
  2. Pro app: Left-nav menu. Tap the left-nav menu icon to see your ZoomMe handle and QR code.
  3. Mobile app: Gear -> Personal. Your ZoomMe handle is shown on the Account Info screen but it does not show a QR code. 

Share the QR code or ZoomMe handle with any other CoinZoom account holder to receive USD or crypto directly into your account.

There is no limit on how much can be sent using ZoomMe.


See this article for more information on using ZoomMe.