Note: The most current wiring instructions will always be found on the desktop site at: or within the mobile app on the Wire Transfer screen for deposits. 

Wire transfers are often used to make large deposits in a secure and reliable way from your financial institution to CoinZoom. Wire transfers for deposits typically take up to 5 business days to complete and are initiated at your financial institution.

See this article comparing the different funding methods to understand posting and holding times. 

Wire Instructions

Note: Do not add anything to the special instructions that are not included in the instructions here. 

To set up a wire transfer originating from a bank:

  1. Collect the information from the Wire Deposit screen on the web page:

    You must include all of the following items in your wire request as it currently shows on the desktop web page or mobile app:

The recipient name: That's our bank.

The recipient's address: That's our bank, too.

Account number: This identifies the CoinZoom account number at our bank.

Routing number (US banks): This identifies the bank that CoinZoom uses to process wires. The routing number is only used for US banks.

SWIFT code (non-US banks: This identifies the bank that CoinZoom uses to process wires. The SWIFT code is used only for banks outside the US. Non-US wire deposits do not require IBAN numbers.

Special Instructions/Reference number: This is the number that identifies your CoinZoom account. Include only the text highlighted in green. The money will be delayed or returned if it is omitted, wrong, or anything added to it.

Bank name: This is the name of CoinZoom's intermediary bank.

Bank address: This is the physical address of CoinZoom's intermediary bank. Sometimes the originating bank will change this to another address than what is on the CoinZoom screen, but it will not affect the transfer. 

  1. Send the information on the Wire Deposit Instructions screen to your financial institution where you want to initiate the transfer. Be sure to include the entire Reference number, which is your unique account identifier. 

Note: Your financial institution may also charge you a fee for a wire transfer in addition to CoinZoom fees

Withdrawal Hold Times

Sometimes wire transfers have a temporary hold period that allows trading on those funds but not transfers out, as with a withdrawal. This is a protection to you to help avoid being victimized by scammers who persuade unsuspecting victims to fund their CoinZoom account with large sums and convince them to send crypto currency to the scammer. The hold times are based on multiple factors and will show in the app after the wire has been posted. 

Wires from 3rd Parties

We do not accept wires into your account from other people or organizations. The sender's name on the wire must match the name on the CoinZoom account. This means you cannot send a wire to your spouse's CoinZoom account if your spouse is not named on the account, such as with a joint bank account (see below). 

Warning: Wires from 3rd parties will be sent back and the sender will be responsible for any fees CoinZoom or the financial institution may charge. 3rd parties are defined as a name on an originating account that doesn't match the name on the receiving CoinZoom account. 

However, you can send a wire to your own CoinZoom account and ZoomMe the amount to your spouse's or other CoinZoom account after any withdrawal hold time expires.

Joint Accounts

If you have a joint bank account and want to send a wire to your own or your spouse's CoinZoom account, attach a copy of your joint bank statement showing:

  • Both names
  • Current address 
  • Account number (black out all but the last 4 digits)
  • Black out any other sensitive information
  • Include the wire's reference number
  • Send to

Corporate Accounts

Sending a wire to a corporate account requires a match between the sender's name and the CoinZoom account name. If they do not match, the wire will be returned. Any fees the financial institution or CoinZoom charges for the return are the responsibility of the sender. 

Processing Times

Wire transfers take up to 5 days to arrive at CoinZoom and are usually posted to the account on the same or next business day. They are only posted on US business days. 


CoinZoom automatically charges fees for wire processing. These fees are passed along from what the banks charge CoinZoom. Black level VIP customers with current holdings of 300,000 ZOOM tokens are exempt from the fees.