Note: ACH deposits are temporarily paused.

Transfers made through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network are a common way to transfer funds from banking institutions. They are similar to direct deposits in that your bank needs your CoinZoom routing and account numbers. But each ACH transfer takes a few days to post to your account and there is a hold period for withdrawing the funds

CoinZoom uses Plaid as an intermediary between your bank and CoinZoom. To set up ACH transfers, you must first configure your CoinZoom banking details with Plaid. This only needs to be done once per banking account. 

Add a Bank Account

  1. Access Settings -> Bank Details (or Banking) -> Add Bank (or Link Bank).
  2. Select Instant Verification to set up the Plaid connection (desktop and Pro apps only).
  1. Select your banking institution; if your bank is not listed, you must use another method. You may search on Plaid's website to see if the bank you use is supported. 
  2. Enter your login credentials for your banking account. You may have to do this a couple of times. 
  3. Choose the banking account you want to withdraw funds from.

Instant Verification uses Plaid to confirm your account details and make a connection to your accounts. Your bank account will be connected to your CoinZoom account until you delete the connection. You must use Plaid for ACH transfers.

Make an ACH Transfer

  1. Select ACH Bank Deposit from the Deposit Method screen.
  2. Choose the bank account to use.
  3. Enter the dollar amount and add an optional reference note.
  4. Submit and confirm the transaction. 

Warning: There is a $100 cancellation fee to cancel an ACH transaction.