Sometimes your two-factor authentication (2FA) needs to be reset. This would be necessary if you change phones, lose your phone, delete the authentication app off your phone, or other similar reasons. The 2FA is a layer of security used for logging in, authorizing trades, or sending currency. If your 2FA is no longer working, you must either re-enable it with the secret key you received at the time you installed your authentication app, or you will need to contact CoinZoom. 

In order to reset the 2FA for your account, you must submit two things:

  1. A clear picture of your photo ID
  2. A video of yourself with your photo ID near your face (see below)

Create a ticket and submit both of these items to our Customer Support Team so we can validate your identity. Once we have validated you and your account, we will reset your 2FA setting and send you instructions on how to re-enable it. Once the agent has received your video and photo ID, it will take 24-48 hours to reset the 2FA.

After your 2FA has been reset, follow the instructions here to re-enable it for your account. 

Photo ID Instructions

Use the same photo ID you originally used to validate your account. Make sure it clearly shows your face, name, and address information. Avoid reflections that make it hard to see the ID.

Video Instructions

  1. The following items need to be included in the video:
  2. You. Please point your camera at your face in a well-lit area. We need to see your face clearly.
  3. Your photo ID (the same one you used when you verified your account, such as your driver’s license or passport). Hold it up near your face while you talk. Do not cover your face. It must be legible and clear on the video.
  4. Speak the following statement into the camera:

    My name is    (state your name)   

    Today’s date is    (state the date)   .

    The email address for my CoinZoom account is  
        (state your email address)   .

    I want my two-factor authentication reset for my account and I authorize CoinZoom Support to do it. 

    I truthfully declare that I am the rightful owner of this account.

    Note: If you do not speak English, you may make the statement in your own language.
  5. Take a clear picture of the photo ID you used in the video. 
  6. Attach the following to your ticket: 
  • The video 
  • The photo ID
Note: If your video file size is more than 20MB, you will need to reduce it in order to upload it to the support site. 

There are two ways to reduce your video file size, if it is 20 MB or greater: 

  1. Change your video settings on your phone to record at a lower resolution. A fairly common resolution would be 640 or 720 pixels at 30 frames per second. Higher resolutions such as 4K would likely result in too large of a file.
    • Instructions for setting video resolution on iPhones. 
    • Instructions for setting video resolution on Android can be found by searching for your specific device. 
  2. You can also use an app to compress your video. There will be several listed in your app store by searching for "video compression".

Here is a sample video that you can follow to make your own: