Finishing the Profile and Registration Page

CoinZoom needs to collect certain information from you in order to verify who you are and allow you to begin trading cryptocurrency on the exchange. This helps us meet regulatory requirements and provide a safe exchange to our customers. 

If you're only using CoinZoom to buy Digital Collectibles or NFTs, you don't need to complete this process; instead set up a Limited Account

Verification requires personal information plus a photo ID and a selfie and can only be completed with the mobile apps. 

Note: You cannot complete the full verification process on the CoinZoom Website. You must download the mobile app to become fully verified. 

Click the links below to download the CoinZoom Pro app:

Optional Limited Verification

You can choose to complete only the limited verification, which restricts you to only purchasing NFTs with GooglePay or ApplePay. We recommend doing the full verification to lift these limitations.

In the CoinZoom App

New customers who login to CoinZoom in either of the apps are asked for profile information which helps us identify the customer according to US regulations.

If you are upgrading from a limited to a full account, you can start by going into your profile and submitting the information it asks for. You generally do not need to re-submit previously completed information, such as your email and phone number.  The full verification process will ask for information such as your name, address, employment status, and phone number. You must complete verification in the mobile app. 

Note: Once you are verified, if you make any changes to your profile, your account will be protected for 48 hours from any withdrawals. 

Verify Your Email

A verification email will be sent to you during the account setup. Open the email and click "VERIFY." This will take you to the web page where you can sign in and fill out your profile information. You can do this on either the web or by logging into the app. We recommend finishing your profile on the app because the final steps must be done there. 

Enter Your Profile Information

Finish filling out all the profile questions in the app (or web site). This must match your personal information in order to be verified. Mistakes can cause the verification to fail. You only have three tries to get it right. 

Verify Your Phone Number

After entering your phone number, verify it by entering the 6-digit code that is texted to the phone. The phone number can only be used for one account; if it is already registered on another account, you'll receive an error.

Submit Photo ID for Full Verification

Choose to submit a passport, drivers license or government ID card. Click on the circles that represent the ID and your selfie and submit camera shots of them. Your selfie and photo ID must match.  

Many customers are validated within an hour but others may take up to two business days. Go to Settings -> Profile Information -> Account Status to view the verification status of your account.      

Tap the circles to submit your photo ID and a selfie. Full validation is required for all non-US customers. After you click on Submit, you will get a message asking you to reverify the documents. 

Warning: You will get only 3 attempts to complete this process; make sure everything is correct. Click "CONTINUE" to complete the submission process or "CANCEL" to reverify the documents. 

You will receive an email once the verification process is completed.