When you make a purchase on your CoinZoom card, it automatically converts the currency you've previously selected to USD at the point of sale. 

To use the CoinZoom Visa card, you must first select which currency you want to use for purchases. Go into the CoinZoom App -> Visa CoinZoom Card and choose which wallet to use for the purchase. The card will automatically sell crypto from that wallet every time you make a purchase until you change the wallet. If your transaction is rejected, be sure that you have enough funds in that wallet or choose a new one. 

When you swipe your card CoinZoom will confirm that there are enough available funds in your account to pay for the amount requested. If there are enough available funds, the transaction will be approved. As the transaction is approved CoinZoom will create a market order for the number of coins in the designated wallet to cover the purchase.

If there are not enough funds in the designated wallet, the purchase will be denied and you'll need to choose a wallet with more funds available. 

For some purchases, like at a restaurant where a tip is often added to the bill after the transaction is approved, the tip amount may not show on your account until the next day.

Desktop App Wallet Configuration

Go into the Portfolio then click Spend Wallet. Choose the currency you want to spend from the drop-down next to the card. 

Pro App Wallet Configuration

The Spend Wallet screen lets you select the currency you want to use for a transaction by tapping the Pie icon to show the different wallets you may choose to spend from. 

Choose the Pie icon from the Spend Wallet screen to see the wallets you can spend from.
Choose the wallet you want to use for your purchase. 

Mobile App Wallet Configuration

In the mobile app, the CoinZoom Card screen is accessed from the Trade button at the bottom. The dropdown shows an estimate of how much of each currency is available to spend, converted to USD. 

In the mobile app, tap Trade at the bottom of the screen to get to the Card screen, then choose the wallet to use for your purchase.