Cryptocurrency is stored, sent from or received into a wallet. Wallets are long, unique strings of what appear to be random characters that identify that wallet. Each cryptocurrency has its own wallet. 

Warning: Wallets can only receive the cryptocurrency they are made for; if you try to send ETH to a BTC wallet, you will permanently lose your ETH. 

Follow these steps to find your CoinZoom wallet address in order to send crypto to your account. 

  1. Go to the Portfolio
  2. Scroll down to the currency you want to receive (you can only send and receive crypto to a wallet for that crypto)
  3. On the Pro app, tap into the cryptocurrency.
  4. Click on the Receive button for that currency
  5. Read and agree with the alert box that reminds you only to send that token to the address
  6. Your wallet address for that cryptocurrency is the long string of letters and numbers. It is also represented by the QR code that can be copied and shared with the sender. 
The wallet address is a long string of characters that can also be represented by a QR code. Either of these can be shared with others so they can send you the cryptocurrency represented by that wallet address.
The wallet address screen in the mobile app is similar to the Pro app and allows you to share the wallet address of that currency with others.