1. What does the $4000 point of sale limit mean? Can I make a purchase at a store with my physical card for up to $4000 in one transaction?

 Answer: The $4000 point of sale limit means that you can spend $4000 total per day in a rolling 24-hour period and you can either have several purchases totaling $4000 or one purchase equaling $4000.


2. I see I have a $500 Daily ATM withdrawal limit and a $300 limit per transaction ATM withdrawal. This means I can only withdraw a max of $500 daily in 3 transactions of $300 and $200, right?

 Answer: The $500 Daily ATM withdrawal limit is just that.  The maximum ATM withdrawal limit per transaction is $300 which also needs to include the ATM fees.  You have a total of 200 ATM count withdrawals, you just cannot exceed $500.


3. What is the difference between over the counter and POS (Point of Sale)?

 Answer: Point of sale is the purchase total amount and over the counter is cashback.  For example, if you go to a convenience store and use the card and then the machine asks if you want any cashback that is over the counter.


4. There is a $500 ATM withdrawal limit and a $1,000 total daily cash withdrawal limit. What is the difference?

 Answer: The $1000 total daily cash withdrawal is the $500 daily ATM withdrawal limit and the $500 daily over the counter limit combined.


5. What does a $5000 Total Daily POS limit mean?

 Answer: The $5000 total daily limit (POS) equals the $4000 point of sale and the $1000 total daily cash withdrawal.

Card Level
Platinum Card
Point-of-Sale Daily Limit
Daily ATM Withdrawal Limit$500
Per Transaction ATM Withdrawal Limit$300
Daily Over-the-Counter Limit$500
Per Transaction Over-the-Counter Limit$300
Total Daily Cash Withdrawal$1,000
Total Daily Limit(POS)$5,000
Weekly Limits$15,000
ATM Count Withdrawals200