How can I set up a direct deposit to my CoinZoom account?

Direct deposits are currently available only for US customers. The first direct deposit requires your account to be funded, which you can do in any amount.

  1. Click on "Portfolio". 
  2. Click "Trading Wallet". 
  3. Click "Deposit" on the USD/United States Dollar line. 
  4. Select Direct Deposit. 
  5. Click on Create Form. 
  6. Fill out the information here and print it out. 
  7. Provide it to your employer so that they know where to send the funds. 

Note: You may select a fixed amount or a percentage.

Can I withdrawal or spend my funds immediately after my direct deposit?  

Yes, you can instantly start trading and moving your funds once the deposit has been posted.

How do I stop sending my direct deposit to CoinZoom?  

You will need to contact your employer or bank directly to stop the direct deposit. 

Are there any fees for direct deposit? 

No, there are no CoinZoom fees to initiate a direct deposit, though your financial institution will likely charge a fee.

Can I use direct deposit if my bank isn’t listed with Plaid? 

Yes. If your bank isn't integrated with Plaid then ACH won't be an option. However, if you connect your bank using direct deposit then your bank can push funds to us and we move those funds to the account. This is a great option for those who use smaller banks that may not be listed on Plaid, and even as an alternative option to have the funds available for spending sooner.

Is there a daily limit? 

The daily limit is $15,000 or less USD.

How long does it take for a Direct Deposit to appear in my CoinZoom Account?

It can take 5 to 7 business days for funds from direct deposit to appear in your CoinZoom Account.