Your CoinZoom Visa debit card can be added to Google Pay. Login to Google Pay and follow the instructions from this article: Add Debit or Credit Cards (Google Support).  

The process for adding your card requires the card number, the CCV and the expiration date. 

Note: The virtual card can only be used for online purchases and not in stores. 

We recommend setting up your card in Google Pay using the automatic setup by taking a picture of your card. If you use the manual method, it may only allow you to use the card for online purchases. 

One common issue is when adding a virtual card in the Google Pay app is it may initially show what looks like an error. But upon dismissal it should show a confirmation screen, indicating it will work for online payments but not in stores, as shown below. This is expected because the virtual card only works for online purchases.

In order to use your card in stores with Google Pay, you must order and configure Google Pay with a physical card, which will have a different number from your virtual card. See this article for instructions on ordering a physical card