As indicated in the Terms of Service, each client is responsible for their own tax obligations.

You may receive an IRS form called 1099-MISC to report miscellaneous income from earnings in earn wallet.

Qualifying criteria to receive a 1099-MISC includes the following:
  • You’re a CoinZoom customer AND
  • You’re a US person for tax purposes AND
  • You’ve earned $600 or more in miscellaneous income such as earnings in earn wallet.

Even if you don't receive a 1099 you are still responsible for reporting your crypto activity to the IRS.

We have integrated with CoinTracker to make downloading your transaction history and calculating your gains and losses quick and easy.

Just log in to the desktop app (not the mobile app), visit the Settings tab at the top of the page, and navigate to the Tax Center for detailed instructions on how to upload your information into CoinTracker

See this article for instructions on downloading tax data for CoinTracker.

You can download your transactions from the Tax Data tab in Settings. (Click to enlarge.)