What is the CoinZoom Visa Debit Card?

The CoinZoom Visa Debit card lets you pay with crypto at +53M locations globally.  

The CoinZoom Visa Card includes a digital wallet, so you can send either fiat or crypto globally for free. Typically the “Western Unions” of the world charge 3-4% for their international transfers. With the CoinZoom Visa Debit card digital wallets all domestic and international transfers would be free


In order to use the CoinZoom Visa card, go into your CoinZoom App and choose which currency you want purchases to access. Once you've chosen the wallet to use, then you can use your card at an ATM or accepting merchant. 


When you swipe your card, CoinZoom will confirm that there is enough available funds in your account to pay for the amount requested. If there's enough available funds, the transaction will be approved. As the transaction is approved CoinZoom will create a market order for the amount of currency to cover the purchase.

If there are not enough funds of the selected currency, the transaction will not succeed. In that case, go into the app and choose another currency that has a sufficient quantity to cover the purchase plus fees.  


For some purchases, like at a restaurant where a tip is often added to the bill after the transaction is approved, the tip amount may not show on the customer's account until the next day.

The CoinZoom Card is available in 5 options which may be viewed here: https://www.CoinZoom.com/cards

How do I get a physical CoinZoom Visa Card?

Physical cards are available to US based customers. We anticipate international cards in the futre.

You must fund your account before you are eligible to order a CoinZoom Visa Debit card.

Ordinarily the card costs 200 ZOOM tokens to order. Click the following article to learn more about Purchasing ZOOM Tokens

There is a simple click that lets you order the card once your account is funded:

  1. Log into your account
  2. Click on Portfolio
  3. Click on "Spend wallet"
  4. Click on "Gear" icon
  5. Click "Order Card"

Some physical CoinZoom Visa Cards have a one-time fee of up to $10.

Those that qualify for a CoinZoom Black Card pay no fee for the physical card. See the following link for more details on each card: https://www.coinzoom.com/cards/ 

Can I convert to another currency?

You can use your CoinZoom Visa Debit card to pay in a currency other that USD (EURO for example). Visa automatically makes the currency conversion at the point of sale. 

You can find the conversion rates on Visa's site here: 


What is a Pre-Authorization?

When swiping your CoinZoom Visa Debit Card, some merchants request authorization for a specified dollar amount that may be over the actual amount of the purchase. If you were to purchase a five dollar cup of coffee, for example, the merchant will automatically request five dollars. If you have enough value in your selected crypto, CoinZoom authorizes that purchase and initiates a market order for the amount of crypto to satisfy the payment.

But some merchants aren't sure how much your final purchase will be, so they request a "pre-authorization" for a dollar amount. For example, a gas pump transaction may request a "pre-authorization" for $80.00 as a way of holding enough value to make the purchase. After pumping your gas the merchant sends a "completion transaction" message with the actual amount to charge

Example of merchants where this can happen include gas stations, hotels and rental car agencies.

CoinZoom releases any pre-authorized amount from your account once the merchant gives notification with the "completion transaction" amount and the actual amount to charge. Any additional amount of the pre-authorization over the final transaction amount is then released. Sometimes settling the charge can take until the next day. 

How do I activate my CoinZoom Visa card?

Once your CoinZoom Visa Card has been marked to Shipped and you have received it in the mail, you are now ready to activate the card, link it to your wallet, and set your PIN for cash/ATM access. 

Go to Portfolio -> Spend Wallet (on the mobile app, tap Spend). Press Activate My Card to begin the activation process. Make sure to have the physical card with you as you will need to enter the 3 digit CVV code located on the back of the card. Once you press the button the popup will open asking for the 3 digit security code found on the back of your CoinZoom Visa card

After you enter the code successfully you will see a blue success screen. Press OK and the app will prompt you to create your CoinZoom Visa Card PIN Code to access cash at ATMs. 

How do I use my CoinZoom card?

To use your card, you must choose which wallet the funds will come out of to make purchases. This can be any crypto that your own or USD. Once the wallet is selected, you can use your card at any ATM or merchant that accepts Visa cards. 

See this article for instructions on configuring the wallet

Is the Visa card free?

Customers in the United States have automatic access to a virtual card as soon as they fund their account. There is no charge to have the virtual card. 

The physical card has typically had a small charge of 200 ZOOM, but in March and April 2023 CoinZoom has waived the fee. 

How do I report a lost or stolen CoinZoom Visa Card?

Users are not liable for any fraudulent transaction performed on their CoinZoom Visa Card without the use of their PIN through the Visa Zero Liability Policy.

See this article to report a lost or stolen CoinZoom Visa Card or fraudulent transactions done on your CoinZoom Visa Card.

Can I get cash with my card?

You can withdraw cash using your CoinZoom Visa Card from any ATM in the world that accepts Visa®. You will need your PIN, which can be set on your card in the app and an available balance. 

How many CoinZoom Visa cards can I have?

The CoinZoom card links to your CoinZoom Account. You can only have 1 active physical card and 1 virtual card associated with your CoinZoom Account.

What is the CoinZoom Rewards Program?

The CoinZoom rewards program gives consumer the ability to pay discounted trade fees as well as earn cashback on purchases made using their CoinZoom Debit Card.

Use your CoinZoom Visa Card and instantly convert crypto to fiat, allowing global purchases at +53M locations. 

The CoinZoom Visa Card includes a digital wallet, so you can send either fiat or crypto globally for free. Typically the “Western Unions” of the world charge 3-4% for their international transfers. With the CoinZoom Visa Debit card digital wallets all domestic and international transfers are free.

Our Rewards Program made up of 5 levels: Select, Preferred, Gold, Platinum and Black. See https://www.coinzoom.com/cards/ for more details. 

Where is the CoinZoom Visa Card available?

CoinZoom's US customers can receive and use their CoinZoom Visa Card anywhere in the world that accepts Visa.  International customers will have access soon.

What does "Limited Use" mean on my virtual card?

You may have noticed "Limited Use" in the upper right hand corner of you Virtual CoinZoom Visa Debit card. 

The virtual card is limited because it does not have a PIN, and places that require a PIN may not accept your CoinZoom Visa Card.

You can obtain a physical card, which does have a PIN, through the desktop trading platform, iPhone, or Android apps.

How do I make a purchase using my card?

Anytime you use your CoinZoom Visa Debit card, your card makes an instant conversion of your cryptocurrency into USD at the point of sale. You must select the currency to use before making the purchase. See this guide on how to make a purchase with your CoinZoom Visa card

Can I set and change my CoinZoom Visa Card PIN?

You can easily change your CoinZoom Visa Card PIN Code by navigating to Portfolio --> Spending Wallet --> clicking the "gear" icon and selecting "Set your card PIN".

Where are the numbers for my CoinZoom Virtual Visa Debit card?

For security your CoinZoom Virtual Visa Debit Card is masked by default. Click or tap where it says "Tap to view card details" just above your CoinZoom Virtual Visa Debit Card image in the app to reveal your card number. 

Video: How can I order a CoinZoom Visa Card on Pro app?

Video: How can I order a CoinZoom Visa Debit Card?

Are there limits on the CoinZoom card?

Spending, withdrawing and deposit limits are based on the card level you have and how many ZOOM tokens you have. Please see this FAQ for details. 

Are there any fees for using the CoinZoom card? 

For a complete and up-to-date list of fees based on your card level, go to the Fees page, click on the "CoinZoom Visa" tab, and scroll down to "Limit Details."

When determining how much you can use, remember to take fees into account.