The MainFrame token (MFT) is transitioning to the Hifi token as outlined in this paper. In the course of this transition, all MFT tokens will be automatically swapped with Hifi tokens at a rate of 100 MFT to 1 HIFI. There has been no date set for the transition to be complete. 

Until that transition fully takes place, it will not be possible to trade MFT on CoinZoom. However, it may still be transferred out to compatible external wallets or converted with 3rd party tools. 

Until the transition completes, the number of your MFT tokens will remain the same and the value will show close to $0.00. This is because trading has been halted on the CoinZoom exchange until the swap with Hifi is complete. Once the Hifi transition takes place, the number of MFT tokens will be 0 and the number of Hifi tokens will be 1/100th the number of MFT tokens you had in your wallet at the time of transition.