This FAQ answers common questions about the Ashfall digital collectibles and NFTs in general. Some answers are only applicable to the Ashfall collectible series.

What is a Digital Collectible?

A digital collectible is an online work of art that is created on the blockchain and stored in a crypto wallet. It is commonly referred to as a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) because it cannot be altered or duplicated. See this article

How Can I Claim my Ashfall Digital Collectible?

Five Ashfall collectibles are available exclusively to CoinZoom customers and are released each week beginning January 29, 2023. A 6th bonus collectible is available only to those who have claimed all 5 of the previous ones. 

Once a collectible is available, you can create an account or login to the CoinZoom Marketplace. Access your Ashfall cover piece by clicking Account -> My Collection from the header bar on the desktop web page or from the menu dropdown on the mobile website. 

From the deskop web page, choose Account -> My Collection to see your digital items.
On the mobile website, choose the "hamburger" icon on the top then Account -> My Collection left to see the items in your wallet. 

Once in the wallet, you can click Claim to obtain the item. While the Ashfall comic cover is free, there is a small fee of $1.50 to process the transfer of ownership to you.

How do I Sign Up for a Digital Collectible?

See this article for instructions on signing up for a limited account that will allow you to claim or buy Digital Collectibles and NFTs, including the Ashfall series. 

What's a Limited Account?

A limited CoinZoom account has a streamlined setup to let you quickly claim and buy digital collectibles and NFTs. See this article for how to signup for a limited account. 

What's a Full Account?

There are two types of accounts you can use on the CoinZoom marketplace. Both are free. One is a limited account (see above) and the other is a full account. 

A full account gives you complete access to CoinZoom's range of products and services, including buying and selling cryptocurrencies, spending crypto on a debit card, inexpensively sending funds across international borders, selling NFTs, and depositing and withdrawing funds. 

You can upgrade at any time from the limited account by providing photo identification and additional information.

See this help article to complete the signup for a fully verified CoinZoom account. If you already have a limited account, follow the steps to upgrade to a full account. If you don't yet have a CoinZoom account, you can create a new full account.

What if my Payment is Rejected?

Your payment may be rejected because the card you are using does not allow purchases of digital collectibles and NFTs. If you try to purchase by ApplePay or GooglePay and the card attached to the transaction does not allow the purchase, try using a different card on ApplePay or GooglePay. 

If that doesn't work you may have to upgrade to a full account where you have more payment options. The full account is free, but requires additional verification. This article explains full verification

Why Can't I Sell or Transfer?

You must claim your digital collectible before you can sell it (see the "How Can I Claim" question above). 

Ashfall digital collectibles can be sold on the CoinZoom marketplace after the entire series is released on March 5, 2023. 

For those with limited CoinZoom accounts, you must upgrade to the full account in order to sell in the CoinZoom marketplace. See this article to upgrade your limited account for free.

Selling or transferring a digital asset is subject to the same withdrawal hold times as for cryptocurrency. If you have purchased a digital asset with funds that are subject to a hold time, the asset can be sold or transferred as soon as the hold period expires.

Why Can't I Buy?

If you have a limited account, you can purchase digital collectibles and NFTs on the CoinZoom marketplace only with GooglePay or ApplePay. If you need to pay in another way, upgrade your limited account for free.

All purchases require fees. If there is not enough of the currency you are purchasing with in your CoinZoom account you can buy additional crypto or add additional funds to your account by making a deposit in any number of ways.  

If Google Pay is not set up completely, you may get the following error when you try to pay for your NFT: 

What is a Minting Fee?

The minting fee is a processing fee that is charged by the blockchain to create the digital collectible or NFT for you and transfer it to your ownership. This pays for the computing power required to create your unique edition of the digital asset and record your ownership on the crypto network.  

How do I Claim the Bonus Ashfall Collectible?

The final digital collectible from the Ashfall series will be released March 5. In order to claim it, you must have all of the previous 5 collctibles claimed in your CoinZoom wallet. Each edition has a limited amount of time that it can be claimed

How Many Ashfall Collectibles are Available?

There are five Ashfall digital collectibles available to everybody and a sixth one exclusively available to those who have collected all of the first five and still have them in their CoinZoom account. The sixth collectible will be released on March 5, 2023.

How Can I Purchase my Digital Collectible With Crypto?

Please see this article on how to Buy a Digital Collectible or NFT

When Can I Sell or Transfer my Ashfall Collectible?

Ashfall digital collectible may be sold on the CoinZoom marketplace or transferred off the exchange after the series has been released on March 5, 20. You may sell it in the CoinZoom marketplace or transfer it to another marketplace or wallet for selling or storage. 

There could be a hold on the sale of your collectible, depending on how you purchased it. The hold time for when an item can be sold is subject to the same withdrawal limits as the funds you purchased it with. If you used funds that were deposited into your account from an ACH transfer, the wait time is 7-21 days. There is no wait time if you paid for the item with GooglePay or ApplePay. 

Please refer to this article comparing wait times for each deposit method

Why do I Have to Pay $1.49 for a Free Collectible?

The Ashfall digital collectibles are free but there is a small processing fee assessed to actually mint it, record its ownership and process the entire transaction on the blockchain. Every transaction on the blockchain has a fee for the service.