US customers can use crypto to buy e-gift cards at over 25 retailers, including clothing, food, and gaming. Its easy to select a card and send it to a friend for the holidays, birthdays, or just to reach out with simple friendship. The feature is available on Android for customers in the US and will be launched on iOS devices soon. 

You can purchase the card from any cryptocurrencies you own or from USD. When you purchase, the crypto is automatically sold and used to purchase the gift card. The card's value is redeemable in USD.

Sending an e-gift card is free; only the standard trading fees apply if you buy it using a cryptocurrency. 

It is simple to purchase and send an e-gift card. 

  1. Tap the eGift Card button at the top of the Trade screen (mobile app) or Overview screen (Pro app).  
  2. Choose a merchant from the list.
  3. Swipe on the cards to choose a design and/or an amount if there are multiple options. Some cards have pre-determined amounts on the cards. 
  4. Choose a payment method and the value of the card. The payment method currency is used only for purchasing the card. The card will be redeemable in US Dollars only. 
  5. Enter the name, email address, and an optional message and send it!

Warning: Make sure the email address is correct; once the card is sent, a cancellation or refund may not be possible if it was sent to the wrong person. 

If the recipient needs customer service on the card, they can check for instructions on the card's email.

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