10 Nov. 2022 

With the latest events in the Crypto market creating concerns around trading practices in specific exchanges, I wanted to acknowledge that the crypto headlines may be causing some noise and anxiety. The so-called “crypto winter” was always likely to endanger those businesses that did not have the operating safeguards and security practices in place to manage through the market downturn.

While this makes for “doom headlines,” and shakes the confidence of market spectators, it does not change the commitment of some of the world’s most forward-thinking, innovative companies to unlock the exceptional potential of Crypto, Decentralized Finance and blockchain technologies. They will continue to build products and services to enable access to fairer markets, broader wealth creation and the achievement of financial well-being for millions of people across the world.

The CoinZoom team is well seasoned in building and operating trading exchanges that are founded on trust and safety. We have a multi-layered approach and choose to proceed with an “abundance of caution” as we create products for both the novice and the expert trader. You can learn more on our website here: Trust and Safety at CoinZoom.

That said, we recognize that amidst market turbulence, sometimes it helps to get some reassurance. If you do have any questions, please do contact us at support.coinzoom.com. We expect to see new customers join our CoinZoom community as they look for safe havens for their holdings. They naturally want more confidence that their funds are secure and so we are gearing up to welcome them in the coming days and weeks.

We know it is a privilege to take care of you and your money. We will always be a business that puts trust and safety first – no exceptions.

Todd Crosland
CoinZoom CEO