You can only have 2 debit cards registered with your CoinZoom account at any one time. This helps CoinZoom to ensure the legitimacy of funding sources.

For deposits on a debit card, there is usually a hold period of 21 days. This hold period can be up to 90 days in some rare cases, depending on your financial institution's policies. You can still use these funds to buy and sell crypto currencies but you will not be able to transfer the USD amount or any crypto purchased with those funds out of your account until the hold expires. 

A card automatically gets associated with your CoinZoom account once you use your card to deposit funds.

If you have already used two Debit cards to deposit funds in your account, you won't be able to use a third card without removing one first. Instead, you will see an error "You can use at most two different Debit cards with your CoinZoom account".

If you encounter this error when depositing funds, you will either have to use one of the cards already registered to your account or remove one of them and replace it with the desired debit card.

Remove a Debit Card

To remove a card from your account, go to the desktop app ( and choose to deposit or withdraw. On the debit card tab, choose Manage Cards to remove a card from your list. 

Choose the Manage Cards button and delete the card you want to remove from your account. (click to enlarge)

Replace a Debit Card

Once the existing card is removed, you can use another debit card to deposit or withdraw funds immediately. Simply use the new card to make a deposit and it will automatically be linked to your account. It is self-service, and you do not need to contact Support to do it.