You may fund your account with most Visa or Mastercard debit cards. 

To fund from your debit card: 

  1. Go to the Deposit screen
  2. Choose Debit Card Deposit
  3. Enter the card information
  4. Double check that everything is correct and click "Submit".

There is a maximum of $500 deposit per 24 hours when depositing by debit card. Also, there is a limit of 2 transactions per day irrespective of the transaction amount.

Note: You can only have 2 debit cards registered with your CoinZoom Account at any one time. A debit card can only be used on a single account, even if you are the owner of more than one account. 

Warning: Any funds deposited from your card will be held in your account for 21 days (generally) and up to 90 days (rarely), depending on your financial institution's policies. You can still use these funds to buy and sell crypto currencies but you will not be able to transfer the USD amount or any crypto purchased with those funds out of your account until the hold expires.

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