Follow these steps if you have access to your old device and want to move your Google Authenticator to a new one:

  1. Log in to CoinZoom by using your username/password and a 2FA code from your old device
  2. Go to your Security Settings page
  3. Click on "Two Factor Auth -> Reset 2FA Secret"
  4. Input your 6-digit code from the Authenticator on your old device to disable it
  5. From Google Authenticator on your new device tap the plus (or "+") button to add a new entry
  6. Choose to "Scan a QR Code" 
  7. Point your camera from your new device to the QR code on the old device
  8. A new "CoinZoom" entry will appear in your list of codes in Authenticator on your new device
  9. On your old device, enter the new 2FA code from the "Authenticator Code" on your new device
  10. Click "Enable 2FA" button
  11. Save a copy of the "Two-Factor Authentication Secure Key" in a secure, safe place.