Once you have received your physical CoinZoom Visa Card in the mail, you'll need to activate it and set your PIN. This is done from the Spend Wallet in the Portfolio. You must have the card with you to activate it.

Follow these steps:

  1. Fund your account. There are multiple ways to fund your account. Be sure to choose one that has a withdrawal/spending hold time that suits your purposes. 
  2. Go to Portfolio -> Spend Wallet.
  3. Press Activate My Card to begin activation. 
  4. At the popup enter the expiration date or 3 digit security (whichever it asks for) code found on the back of the card.
  5. Follow the prompt to create your PIN. This will allow you to make purchases wherever a PIN is required and give you access to cash via ATMs where Visa debit cards are accepted. 

Congratulations! Your CoinZoom Visa Debit card is now ready for use!