CoinZoom can be used by nearly anybody in the world with its apps for iOS, Android, and the web. To start buying, selling, and earning with cryptocurrency, you will need to download either the app or the pro app to your Apple or Android device. You must download a mobile app in order to register for and validate your account. 

Note: You may start the registration process on the web app at, but you must finish it on your mobile device because your account requires a phone number for verification.

  1. On your device, search for CoinZoom mobile app in your device's app store.
  2. Choose the basic or pro app and click Install.
The basic app is white and green, the pro app is black and green.


Use one of these links to go to the app store for your device, download it, and install it. 

Apple iOS


What's the difference between the mobile app and the Pro?

Congratulations, now you're ready to sign up for an account!