What is CoinZoom Earn? 

CoinZoom Earn is an investment tool that allows users outside of the United States to earn interest on crypto in the Earn wallet. The coins do not leave the wallet but are put in reserve where they cannot be spent, traded, or withdrawn while in the Earn wallet. 

Earn uses crypto staking, which is based on the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) protocol used by many blockchains. More information about the POS concept can be found in Investopedia.

Once you have purchased a coin that allows staking, transfer it to the Earn wallet where it is pooled with the coins of other users. This pooling allows validators on the blockchain to prove an amount of crypto in reserve, which allows them to process transactions on the blockchain. The more crypto a validator has in reserve, the more often they are chosen to process transactions and the more interest they can pay you for allowing your coins to be reserved in the Earn wallet.

You can view your earned interest balance at any time on the Portfolio section of the CoinZoom platform. Interest is accrued daily and paid out once a month. While the coins are in the Earn wallet, they cannot be spent, traded or transferred out of CoinZoom. They can be removed from the Earn wallet at any time.

Interest is only paid on funds in the Earn wallet.

How do I start earning from staking (Pro app, Desktop)?

Eligible customers can follow these steps to start earning interest from staking: 

  1. Own the crypto that you want to earn interest on. You can either purchase that crypto in the CoinZoom app or transfer it from an external wallet to your CoinZoom Account.
  2. From CoinZoom app or the desktop app:
  • Go to Portfolio -> Earn Wallet 
  • Choose the crypto you want to earn interest on
  • Choose the Earn button
  • Do one of the following: 
    • Manually enter the number of that crypto for which you want to earn Staking and choose Done on the number pad
    • Choose the "Deposit 1/4" button, which will put 25% of that crypto available into staking 
    • Choose the "Deposit Max' button to have all that crypto which you own to be put into Staking 
  • Chose "Review Earn"
  • Review the Summary Screen and click "Confirm"
  • Watch for the screen "Transfer Complete"

How do I start earning from staking (Mobile app)?

Eligible customers can follow these steps to add crypto into your Earn wallet in the mobile app:

  1. Access your Earn wallet: tap on the Earn tab at the bottom of the screen
  2. Choose a cryptocurrency
  3. Choose the green Earn button
  4. Enter the amount of a cryptocurrency you own to transfer to the wallet.

Is my CoinZoom Earn balance insured?    

No. All funds in the Earn wallet are subject to the risks outlined on the Terms & Conditions page under CoinZoom Staking Program

Why are interest rates subject to change?

Interest rates are listed on the each coin under the Annual Percentage Yield (APY) column. These are estimates and may change based on the supply and demand of each asset, similar to how interest rates fluctuate with any other currency, the value of the transactions processed, the overall amount available in the staking reserves, or other market and cryptocurrency conditions.

How long does it take to redeem my earned interest? 

Interest accrues daily and is automatically credited to your account monthly.  

Are there any fees?    

There are no fees to move funds into your Earn wallet or to remove them.  

Can funds that are on hold be used in the Earn Wallet?  

Funds subject to the withdrawal holding period cannot be moved into the Earn wallet until the hold period expires.

How do I redeem my interest? 

Interest accrues daily and is automatically credited to your account monthly. Once your coin has interest, redeem it by going back into the coin inside the Earn wallet and choosing the Redeem button.

How do I move crypto from Earn wallet to Trade wallet?

To move funds from the Earn wallet to the Trade wallet, simply follow the instructions for redeeming interest above.

How is interest calculated? 

The formula for calculating interest is: daily_interest_pct = 100 x ((1 + apy/100)^(1/365) - 1)

Your cryptocurrency starts accruing interest 24hrs after moving funds to the Earn wallet. The formula above is a simple way of estimating interest, but may not include all of the factors that comprise the final amount. Factors that affect interest accrual include:

  • Balances changing during the month (additions or subtractions to the Earn wallet)
  • Interest rates can change during the month based on market conditions
  • Zoom holdings requirements for bonus interest can change during the month

Who is eligible to earn interest with Staking Rewards?

Any CoinZoom customer outside of the United States with a verified account in good standing can participate in Staking.

However, staking support has been discontinued for customers in the United States. Any amounts in an Earn wallet for US customers have been automatically moved to the trade wallet.