MFT is now available to buy, sell and trade on the CoinZoom exchange! U.S. based customers with a CoinZoom Visa debit card can also spend MFT with their card.  

MFT, the native utility token of Hifi Finance (formerly Mainframe), is used for governance votes, staking to ensure the safety of the protocol and rewarding contributors to the ecosystem. Hifi launched its token in Q1 2018, with a supply cap of 10B tokens. 

Hifi is a Lending Protocol that allows anyone to borrow against their crypto. Hifi uses a bond-like instrument, representing an on-chain obligation that settles on a specific future date. Buying and selling the tokenized debt enables fixed-rate, fixed term lending and borrowing — something much needed in decentralized finance today. It is anticipated that a ticker symbol change will occur alongside future iterations on the Hifi Lending Protocol.