Dash (DASH) is a cryptocurrency optimized for payments that has optional speed and privacy features. DASH utilizes a unique network architecture consisting of both regular miners and privileged machines called Masternodes. Through its off-chain community governance system, anyone can submit and vote on proposals to improve the ecosystem’s functionality, utility, and adoption.

The Dash protocol was forked from the Bitcoin protocol and introduces the Dash Masternode network. These nodes will have high availability and provide a required level of service to the network in order to take part in the Masternode Reward Program.


Can I send DASH to CoinZoom?

Yes, but please be sure to send DASH to and from CoinZoom the same way you send all other assets on the platform, within their own separate wallet to the correct address. Select the “Deposit” button next to your DASH wallet to view your DASH deposit address. 

Warning: If you send to an external (non-CoinZoom) address or wallet that does not support DASH, CoinZoom is not responsible for that transaction.

Is there a deposit minimum?

There is a no DASH deposit minimum to send DASH into CoinZoom Pro or CoinZoom.com. 

Is there a withdrawal minimum?

There is a no DASH withdrawal minimum