ZOOM, or CoinZoom Token, is the CoinZoom Utility Ecosystem Token.

ZOOM is an  decentralized digital asset based on Ethereum. ZOOM has multiple use cases within the CoinZoom ecosystem. Initial uses for the ZOOM Token include discounts on trading fees on the CoinZoom Exchange, listing fees and CoinZoom Visa Card rewards status upgrade to receive additional rewards and discounts. 

ZOOM is an Ethereum ERC20 utility token, with a limited total supply of 600 Million. ZOOM powers the CoinZoom ecosystem, and provides users with a wide variety of discounts, enhancements, and rewards.

ZOOM Distribution: 50% VIP, available for purchase by community members to fully participate in our VIP programs. 30% rewards are available to reward users and grow the CoinZoom community. 20% Team incentives, subject to 3 years vesting schedule.


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