CoinZoom will not make any changes in account name or account designations unless the changes have been documented and authorized by the Chief Compliance Officer in order to stay within US regulations. Prior to providing such approval, the CCO must investigate the essential facts relative to the proposed account name change or change in designation and indicate his approval of the change in writing on the documentation of the requested changes.

  • A natural person name change requires a notarized court document evidencing the name change (or a notarized Marriage Certificate) and an updated driver's license, Passport or utility bill.
  • For Company (Corp., LLC, LP & Etc.) name change, CoinZoom needs a Certificate of Name Change from the applicable Secretary of State.

Warning: For the protection of your account, all transactions into or out of your account will be restricted for 48 hours after your address is changed. This includes withdrawals, deposits, transfers, and spending. However, you may still buy and sell cryptocurrency.