CoinZoom Cash allows you to fund your account at select convenience stores in the United States.

The minimum deposit is $20.  Depending on the store, you can deposit up to $999 per transaction, $2500 per day, and up to $10,000 every 30 days.

Simply open your CoinZoom app, choose CoinZoom Cash and follow the instructions for depositing at a nearby store. Your phone must have CoinZoom version 1.4.31 or later. 

Note: The following screens may be slightly different from the screens on your device. 


From the main dropdown menu in your app, scroll all the way to the bottom of the main CoinZoom and tap Fund Your Account.

Tap the CoinZoom Cash option.

Pick a Deposit Location from the map.

You may have to bypass the introductory screens to get to the map. 

The map shows the nearest convenience stores with CoinZoom Cash enabled, based on your location. 

Get the barcode.

Tap Activate Barcode on the sample barcode screen. The sample screen does not have a functioning barcode (it is blurred out). When you press the Activate Barcode button, your screen shows a barcode that the cashier will scan from the screen.

Wait until you are at the counter to activate the barcode because it expires after 15 minutes. 

Ask the cashier to scan the barcode. 

Tell the cashier how much money you want to deposit into your CoinZoom account, allow the cashier to scan your barcode, and give the clerk the cash. This happens just like any other transaction, and you should get a receipt for it. The minimum deposit is $20. The limit is between #300 and $500, depending on the store.

The deposit shows up within moments on your CoinZoom app and will be ready for trading as soon as it does.

A transaction fee of 5% or $6.00, whichever is greater, is automatically deducted from your deposit.